I WANT to be a repeat client. I understand and respect the need for discretion. I don't like asking about details and rates, as I am seeking a whole experience and not a checklist. But there are things I seek in my experience that make it not what I'm looking for if you don't offer them. And that's fine! It just means we're not a match. If you have specific things you don't offer THAT MOST DO, or your rates aren't listed, or etc you make my job as a client more difficult and I must ask.

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This is not an inexpensive endeavor for a lot of us. I don't write reviews (unless requested). I provide all screening in my first message. My communications are respectful. I don't book unless I'm ready to meet. If I'm going to make the investment, I want to have an idea what I'm getting, and I don't think that's too much to ask. A rough comparison: If I go to a Broadway show, I know what it's about and where my seat is, who's in it, their past performances, the venue, etc.

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If I know the show is about something I have no interest in, I don't buy a ticket. No one is disappointed because I didn't pay for something I didn't want, and they didn't put on a show for someone who didn't enjoy it. The principle is the same. If I pass screening, and we're not discussing BOTH rates and details, why not answer some simple questions via email and ensure we're a match? I get some girls want the bottomless wallet guys, but not all of us are, that doesn't make us bad clients.

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Here's an example: A provider I was curious about seeing hadn't made clear what she offered in her ad. Rate was not posted either. I search her number and images, to verify she's legit, find an old ad with rates in my range. I consider contacting her, but am hesitant so I wait. She then posts another ad a week later, no rates, but now showing services that don't fit what I need. Another week later, an as with services that fill my needs, but at a higher price than my affordable range.

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Now I know what she's willing to offer and it's out of my range, so I don't bother contacting her, because we're not a match. I don't waste space in her inbox, I don't waste her time. I can take my donation to someone else who can fulfill my needs and she can find a client who can fulfill hers. No need for me to find reviews, no need for her to want them. Hiding details and being unwilling to discuss helps no one. We all have to find ways to help each other. Without balance we all lose.

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@FH3110 In the privacy of a personal conversation yes. However, a fair amount of ladies as still a bit guarded with their verbiage when it comes to what they offer. So, that you must be understanding of. Most ladies that have been active in this business have a general description of what they offer with out going into full regal. A little research will also alleviate this prior to making that jump. Veteran providers make this rather easy to follow. Right? Some provider prefer Freedom 2 Jail

@simoneknight Yes of course. I would prefer that providers post rates, screen me, then discuss via personal conversation. It doesn't need to be in an ad or on a social platform. If you're willing to see me in person, then why not discuss details via email?

Unfortunately, I keep seeing, "contact me for rates" and not even general indication of what they offer. Please don't put me in a position where I have to discuss money and services. I'd rather never mention the former at all.

@FH3110 asking for someone to be explicit in an email ( You know emails can be subpoena) Most well known, reviewed and not reviewed providers that have a following do not have the issues that you stated. Most established ladies have their donations on their websites and even more so outline services. I do not know where you are searching or what financial level you are investigating. If it's that difficult and you are not getting where you need to be. Move on to the next provider.

@FH3110 yes, move on with that... There are so many ESTABLISHED ladies out there for you! It's like a vast sea stocked :) You're in a good position dear. Believe me.

@simoneknight I do! Believe me, if things become that difficult, I move on and don't waste anyone's time. I am merely venting some frustration. Most likely, my opinion here floats off into the vastness of the ignored internet. Maybe someone reads it and it helps them formulate their own opinion. Maybe someone preemptively blacklists me because they don't agree. Maybe a provider reconsiders her ad and gets more business. Who knows! I just had something I wanted to say and I've said it.😁😁😁

@FH3110 Yes, you are correct. Maybe some will say. Hey, let me list what I offer in my ads so that I can get more calls from the police :) You are right. J/K Just busting balls. You are entitled to vent.

@simoneknight But that's why screening is important, make sure they're not cops or psychos. I don't see anyone who won't screen me to a certain degree. I also don't give my info to a lady I can't verify to some degree. Things are way more difficult for providers since fosta, no doubt. But responsible clients lost their ability to screen too. Lots of boards are gone, reverse image searches don't work as much. Say what you will about those places, but they helped a lot avoid scammers/pimps.

@FH3110 Plus, this is not a Playbill . Broadway is Legal ( prices might not seem that way at times ROBBERY damn you Hamilton).

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