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Who cares if anyone hates you, just make sure not to hate yourself.

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Anybody need these? 6 female condoms and 7 dental dams. Also have lots of male condoms if wanted. I get these for free!! I can ship to you, I can't ask a price for the lot but you're welcome to make a donation by e-Transfer or PP

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My account was shut down at 23,000 followers.

I refreshed the page to read my DMs and my account was gone literally in the blink of an eye. The platform I used to spread sex work positivity and an alternative way for women to think went poof.

I’m saddened, though emboldened.

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They want you to believe that paywalling access to your time and energy devalues your time and energy. That’s because they want your time and energy for free.

Which devalues your time and energy. Explicitly.

Do the math.

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TW graphic description of animal abuse
Truly vile. My heart is beyond shattered

If you want to sign this, but can’t handle clicking on the story, please DM me and I can sign with your details on your behalf 😔 thank you.



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Breaks my 🖤 when clients are hurt by the sexual narrowmindedness of others. We only have so much time on earth: boys, (everyone really) it is completely OK to like putting stuff in your butt. Don't listen to anyone who says otherwise. It's YOUR butthole! Yours!

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@HRC@twitter.com released their Black LGBTQ Youth Report. More than 1600 youth responded to the survey. Because my day job is coordinating programs for this population, I want to highlight some of it here. hrc.org/resources/black-and-af

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@ sex workers, how do u respond to the rescue industry coming into your work spaces and passing out literature and "gifts"?

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I wish I was 2 , I’d make so much money!

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Okay, but you guys I need help with names. These are feminist chickens obvs, so I've got Gloria SteinHen, Hillary Chicken, Elizabeth Cady StantHen, who else we got? Please add some diversity to my punny names!

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“God is love. But Satan does that thing you like with his tongue.” - source unknown.

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unless you've been karyotyped, the chromosomes you think you have are not confirmed. they are your assumed chromosomes. so sure, list your assumed chromosomes in your bio, all it tells people is you're more interested in bigotry than understanding human variances

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So very nice to receive this... I’m going to be talking more about SB233 and how you can support us in passing this much needed legislation in CA that will allow sex workers to report violent crimes against them with out fear of arrest...

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So many women look down on escorts and sex workers, but y’all be quick to clap and applaud posts about being financially supported by the men who you fuck against your own better judgement. You may as well come out and admit your a sex worker too! Because that’s all it is.

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Damn they hate sex workers selling nudes but the KKK crusade is funded through PayPal accepting MasterCard, Visa etc. Lol twitter.com/stopthenextutr/sta

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