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A behind the scene shot of my photo shoot this week with DirtErotic, so excited to see the photos!

Thinking about some of the supremely erotic encounters I’ve had in the last week ☺️

Hello Switter! I have some availability this afternoon and early evening if you want to get hold of these sweet peaches 🍑

Location: Melbourne, Australia
Contact: 0473 484 767

sex work saved my life. I worked 10 hour shifts welding cars waking up at 4am everyday to make barely enough to get by before I found this industry. for women to honestly sit here and tell us there's other options when I was more exploited & underpaid in your idea of a "real job"

Hey guys! @luluvalentine and I are attempting to get more attention brought to censorship around SESTA/FOSTA with civilians. It would be so very very appreciated if you could go over to Twitter and retweet our tweets. We're attempting to get big anti-censorship players like snowden to support us

So excited about my photoshoot tomorrow with Dirt Erotic!

I also have some availability Wednesday and over the weekend if you want to catch me! 😚

Location: Melbourne
or sms: 0473 484 767

Hello there Switter, lovely to be here! Stay tuned for me 😚


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