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Hey Toronto 💙

I currently have limited availability for bookings, with preference towards familiar friends and extended engagements.

If you'd like to arrange a date please visit arcticraven.xyz 😊
RTs appreciated and reciprocated 💞

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I model for @shibari_study@twitter.com on occasion. I had the pleasure of being tied by exceptional @GorgoneMarika@twitter.com . 💋💋💋

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Do not miss sensational @the_erin_black@twitter.com in: 1/21-23, 1/23-25, 1/25-1/26, & : 1/26-? ... as seen on the dickie Classifieds: dickievirgin.com/classifieds AND today's featured site listings: dickievirgin.com! ➽ @dickievirgin@twitter.com ✈️🌐🌏😘

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If you don’t believe white privilege is real I don’t know what other evidence you need.

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BREAKING: Robert Packer is being is released from jail. He will not pay bond, but will have to stay out of DC and appear in court there virtually on January 19th at 1pm.

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Hey! My super exclusive content is waiting for you at fcl.ink/stdHPU. Subscribe today!

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I've always been a little on the "thicker" side, but recently I think my ass got even bigger... and I couldn't be...

See this and more at:

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My mom’s husband switched inhalers, so she has a couple of these...anyone use these and NEED them?

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Take a break and relax

Clear your mind

60 -90 mins

Let nuru massage release your stress

Located in Chicago.


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✨San Diego✨
Nov 20-Dec 6

🌴Los Angeles🌴
Dec 7-9

Dec 10-12

Dec 13-16

Dec 17-19

✨San Diego✨
Dec 20-Jan 12

Jan 13-15

✨San Diego✨
Jan 16-20

Jan 21-23

Feb 3-6

Feb 7-10

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Soon ❤️❤️❤️❤️ karamelondon.co.uk join the mailing list and follow us on IG Karamelondon 💋

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Happy International Inuit Day 🥰

Inuit is plural, Inuk: singular, Inuuk: two people

Don't call us eskimo. Unless a person specifically tells you that's what they identify as, and even then only use it with that individual and not as a free pass for life please lol. Just don't

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You’re walking through a college campus on your way to work and amidst the flowers, you make eye contact with a young, college girl across the garden. She gives you a daring smile. It’s your move.

Will you go and say hello or risk forever reminiscing about the look she gave you?

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