I'm going to invite gentlemen who gift me a gift card ($150 minimum) to drink a tea with vegan cookies for 30 minutes in DC οΈβ˜•οΈπŸͺ

Intention is give a chance of nervous gentlemen to know me before a regular session or be grateful to generous gentlemen πŸ™πŸ˜˜

It will be a public place & must pass screening process, it is NOT a regular session. For a normal session need to make an appointment


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@Johnpierse6 Hello dear, that sounds good but I am sorry, you did not pass my screening process; for any event with me in dinners, tea, etc obviously Need pass my screening process.

Does not matter if is in private or public place, I will not meet with any stranger for nothing without pass my screening.

I respectfully invite you to still meeting with the kind of ladies or escorts that you use to meet, ladies who likes your personality and do not required screening.

Have a peaceful day 😘

@ErikaCastroVIP oh ok I didn’t know that. You are the first screening that I have not passed. May I ask why?

@Johnpierse6 Dear, you didn't know that? really? woow it means that you did not read my ads, posts, website etc, because I say it very clear always. All new clients need pass my screening process. Including in my offer of drink tea with cookies say "must pass the screening" process, however is common sense. It is very stupid have a screening process I going to meet with stranger in public place without screening process. In public or private clients need pay and pass screening

@Johnpierse6 This is not the place for ask that kind of things, you are not discrete. If you wanted know why you did not pass my screening process you need asked for the email when I answered you, this is a public place and I am sure you do not want I say in public why you did not pass my screening process.

@ErikaCastroVIP this is not public for me haha. no one knows who I am on here. I’ve never met anyone through this site I use private delights. Sorry I missed that on your page. I figured tea in a public place is not a big deal haha.

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