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I'm going to invite gentlemen who gift me a gift card ($150 minimum) to drink a tea with vegan cookies for 30 minutes in DC ️☕️🍪

Intention is give a chance of nervous gentlemen to know me before a regular session or be grateful to generous gentlemen 🙏😘

It will be a public place & must pass screening process, it is NOT a regular session. For a normal session need to make an appointment

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Do you want dinner date with me, but no going out for the Coronavirus? I will be more than happy to cook with you, just need to be vegan food & in your place b/c my location is small ❤️

I love to be in home, so it can be fun & romantic way to know person, wine, talk, more🍷 🥗 🍰

Let's have a happy peaceful unforgettable experience together😘

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Hello people, I shared this info last year. I want to shared again for the gentlemen who are interesting in be a favorite client. 😜


All info is interesting read the tips too at the end of the page :)

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He asked me for a nude, I sent him a poem and He ignored me😭 💔
I think he asked for a nude of the body....😡 I sent one of the soul❤️

The gift is not inside the package, are the hands that deliver it!😋 😘 🎁

Wish list on AMAZON

I am available now in Washington DC, District of Columbia, United States! To contact me, visit

I am available now in Washington DC, District of Columbia, United States! To contact me, visit

I am available now in Washington DC, District of Columbia, United States! To contact me, visit

Y’all, I’m about to give you the answer to life

Gochuchang Honey Shrimp

Get some big uncooked shrimp, toss in gochuchang and honey. Marinate for about 20 mins

Sauté in toasted sesame oil

Serve as an app over avocado slices
Or combine with stir fry veggies and toss with udon noodles for a main.

It will make your life better

Just scheduled my face to (masked) face for possible new job❤️😍❤️😍❤️

Feels like a formality - which is soooo great!

All those crossed fingers are paying off😘

Now if I could get 20 bucks for some pre celebratory wine🥂


If you’re feeling stir crazy, covid-stressed, work from home bored & pondering an afternoon delight as a treat please remember:

Plan, pull the trigger, pay & pleasures await

Here in LA we are likely a couple of weeks or possibly a few days away from another stay at home order. And that means no nookie for the duration.

Be safe, wear your mask, shower on arrival but let’s DO THIS

My last gorgeous hotel had a completely contactless check in - they even took my temp! It was very reassuring😘

Hey fellas, I'm Savannah. I'm new here and cant wait to meet new friends 😉 😍

I'm currently located in Chesapeake, Va.

To schedule an appt, please call 323-396-4307 Savannah

Pay attention

Screening is required

Screening is needed

Form on website

Screening needed

Screening required

Email your verification

Screening required

Are you to safe, because, clean, fit and handsome dont tell me look every BODY else..

Screening required

Email your information

Or fill out form


Screening required


The cats have completely annexed the sofa. I'm losing territory at an alarming rate.

Hi Switterhearts,
Happy non humping day (for me 🤦‍♀️) 😂. Have a most fabulistic day loves 💋🥰🤗😘💗

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