I just updated my tours on my profile! Catch me in Manhattan and Brooklyn soon. To pre-book, visit tryst.link/escort/eva-rivera#v

Happy new year everyone! Be safe and make smart choices tonight!

OF sale still happening! Link in bio 🥳

People who work in these fields need to work on 1. Being unbiased 2. Nonjudgmental 3. Culturally sensitive. AND 4. Stick to facts and science. Miss me with your Christian beliefs and out dated views on sex

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What's the worst thing a therapist ever said to you regarding sex work?

I briefly had a therapist who really wanted me to exit, despite me not wanting to. I told her I hated being underpaid in the vanilla work, especially when sexual harassment was such a frequent occurrence.

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I swear I have a “hair up” personality and a “hair down” personality and both are toxic

Hi Philly! Had a cancelation today so I'm available downtown after 6pm! Just got a negative covid test and have been quarantined the last week



SW’ers! drop a photo of your business card if you have one! Here’s my OLD one with my previous name. Making new ones tonight ✨

Clients on the East Coast, where do you search for providers?

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Because I love organizing and lists, I made a running tally of the contributions I've received so far! I sincerely appreciate everyone who's supported me in this new venture ☠⚰🌹

Cashapp $malaprops if you wanna see more hot death workers 😉

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Honestly not even mad, I left my car unlocked and they must need them more than I do. But at the moment I can’t afford to replace them after the holidays and lack of work due to covid so if a client would like to gift me another set or send me a tip that would be nice. ❤️

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Accidentally left my car unlocked for about an hour in my drive way last night and it was robbed. I came out to go to the gas station and noticed everything was torn apart. My car papers everywhere, my books, etc. they took my AirPod pros but not sure they took anything else

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Treat your companion with a wishlist gift, giftcard, or payment as a thank you for all of the amazing content we are constantly putting out for you to enjoy. Most of us have had our work reduced exponentially due to the pandemic, and are now facing online censorship on platforms.

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Are you a s3x worker who makes money off clients and fans or are you a pyramid scheme artist who makes money off other s3x workers 👀

Where on reddit do people go to promote their OF or website?

I had a young client ask for funds back because he was leaving the booking early just cuz he “finished” within 30 mins of an hour appointment. He got a big no from me. If you don’t finish your food at a restaurant because you got full do you get money back? Hell no

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The audacity 🤯 dm for contact. Quebec and montreal area.

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What’s up with guys calling the deposit a “gift” when they cancel an appointment?? It’s not a gift. It’s not a token of your generosity. It’s a deposit, that I required in my booking process.

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I was recently contacted by a nice, handsome, white middle aged professional who wanted an overnight appointment. He was hesitant about screening, but eventually provided his info and what do you think the first report on him was?


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