When white men deny white privileges but then blatantly try to use it to their advantage twitter.com/arabelleraphael/st

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I heard it was International Afro Day ✊🏾

Did you know only 37% of black women feel comfortable wearing their natural hair or dreads to a professional event ?

Let’s end the Stigma. Natural hair is Beautiful, Natural hair is professional, Natural hair is amazing ❤️✨✊🏾

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has been a blast so far! Here until the 17th with some availability left 🎃

💕Offering duos with @SofiaVivana@twitter.com 👯‍♀️

🏙Hosting in midtown east manhattan📍


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Guys, this is my little cousin. She is 5 years old and the sweetest little girl you could meet. She's been missing since the weekend and all I'm asking is to keep her in your prayers and hope she is okay and will be found.

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If you’re a white privileged person in porn, mainstream or independent, ask yourself this: am I doing anything to help open doors for lesser known voices? Am I actively trying to add diversity and give queer black & brown performers/directors space to shine? If no: reevaluate

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THIS and I’m not sorry. I don’t want to offer my services to someone who is a bigot

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I will not avoid talking politics to make myself more appealing as a SW. I don't need clients who are racist, zionist, misogynistic, abelist, classist, or homo/transphobic. Love to all y'all who stand up for folks in spite of the potential for "worse business".

RT if you agree.

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You realize the social back lash you’ll receive from your civvie friends

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[ Fill in the blank ] 🖊

Everyone wants to be a sex worker until ____________.

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I never officially introduced myself! I am Lilith Haze, a succubus from the 6th dimension. In addition to SW, I am a vegan chef, musician and content producer. My main visual focus is other SWs. It would mean the world to me if y’all could RT this so I can make some new friends

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Hey boutique lingerie shops! I’m way more likely to buy from your line if I see my body type represented in your models.. Diversify your marketing

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Hundreds like Renard Oliver and his baby now have to get off the ferry from Freeport, Bahamas to Florida. He was trying to evacuate — told he could leave with Bahamian passport and police record like normal but then ferry crew says US Goverment called and changed plan last minute

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The United States is already turning away climate refugees who are attempting to enter the country under longstanding international agreements, in case you were wondering how far along we were. twitter.com/BrianEntin/status/

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This idiot just contacted a friend who asked me to help screen, he's officially moved to trying to get people to a place in NYC, not just in NJ anymore. He's using what's probably a stolen phone since the number is registered to someone else- 917-250-8655

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Reminiscing about this photo and video shoot with my sweetheart. You can see all the photos and videos we made on my Only Fans

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