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Just because I’m fat, Doesn’t mean my rates are less or should be less.

Just because I’m fat DOESNT mean that you have a say on what you think I’m worth.

Just because I’m fat doesn’t give you the right to think that my rate should be less than thin providers.

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Every sex worker has different boundaries and offers different services, there is no such thing as an industry standard for what a sex worker will or won't do.

so stop telling me what the last girl did because that ain't got nothing to do with me

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Would ♥️ your opinion & experience with this. How do you feel about clients that want to be verified but don’t have a firm date on when they want to meet.
To me it feels like A LOT more back & forth for not knowing when.

More RTs=💖

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Guys! You need to understand something: free pussy is the most expensive pussy in the long run.

“It’s better to have paid and loved, then to have loved and still be paying”

Book of Bourbon Smash Chapter 25. twitter.com/miablancovip/statu

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I only have ONE item on my wishlist and it’s a laptop for college. If anyone wants to help sponsor it, it will go SO VERY MUCH appreciated 💻 I’m sure I could find a way to return the gesture 😈😈😩 cash.me/adoredA 💕💕💕 rt’s appreciated 💕

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I just updated my tours on my TrystNA profile! Catch me in New York, Boston, and Washington DC soon. To pre-book, visit tryst.link/escort/emmalee-rile

I think I have an incubus and not gona lie I’m low key stoked. best sex is unholy demon sex

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Guess who finally got their Tryst up and running! tryst.link/escort/logan-kenned
Find out all you need to know about me there. ♥ Come spend some time with me...

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Where are my cucks at?
@PhoenixDivina@twitter.com and I will be offering bi/cuckolding doubles in while they are in NYC Dec 2nd-6th

Midtown incall

Screening is required & pre-booking is recommended.


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The buzz from seeing a great client is like nothing else. I wish I could explain the nuances of a provider/client relationship to civs. When done right, the trust, respect, conversation, intimacy, and most importantly fun that comes out of them is really unparalleled.

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Waking dreams. Yummy warm winter with the heat blasted and a silk shirt dripping off me.

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Today is my birthday!!! But here’s a present for you! 💋

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NYC! Don’t be fooled by my delicate appearance, I’m here to fuck you up 👹

Weds 11/13: 3pm-5pm
Thurs 11/14: 10am-7pm
Fri 11/15: 10am-11pm
Sat 11/16: 10am-11pm
Sun 11/17: 10am-1pm

Come keep me busy, you know what they say about idle hands~

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He targeted young Black women who turned to sex work. He had murdered three women, and when one victim escaped & went to police, the responding officers were more interested in figuring out if she was a sex worker than trying to help. washingtonpost.com/nation/2019

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Tried to text my friend this but sent it to the lyft driver... why am I like this

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Sex worker friendships are funny because we are constantly having multiple conversations with different phone numbers, email addresses, social media accounts and also under different names...and somehow this is completely normal to us 😂

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