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Triggering words 

Cannot be defeated by rape, murder and oppression.
When it's time to fight back, fight the back out of it.

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I hope clients of mine have knowledge about online security.

You could only find my information on and ScarletBlue. (Both are Escort directory)

This is my only website

Switter (This account) is the only social media I am using ❤️

I would never send you an unsolicited email asking for your password, credit card details or account information.

Be aware of spams and unauthorised parties.


💋 Have a good Monday S.. always here always will be ❤️

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We're about to take Switter to upgrade the database server as it's struggling a bit.

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Happy New Year, fediverse!

Here’s to working towards more freedom, justice, and equality in 2019. It’s not going to get any easier. It’s probably going to get harder. All that matters is we keep chipping away at the problem and working on the solutions. Every little thing we do, whether it’s raising awareness or reducing harm or creating ethical alternatives… it all matters.

Heck, the fact I can write this on the fediverse is reason enough to be hopeful.

Lots of love to you all :indieHeart:


Thank you so so so much, the people who made Switter possible!


Sex worker's rights are human rights.

You have all my support.

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Banned that spammer. Kinda wished there was more automated systems to prevent this stuff

My university wants to give me a new year present

Best thing happened today is that I realise how lucky I am to be here. I think about this a lot but it still strikes me. Never forget the people who have helped me and never forget to help one another ❤️

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New OKD cluster has built-in operational dashboards:

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We've been hard at work figuring out a more scalable to operate and manage the infrastructure that powers both @switter and @tryst, as well as supporting services with only two people (and I spend most of my time building @tryst).

Yesterday, we've migrated @tryst to our new cluster running Openshift 3.11 deployed on Openstack. This allows us to take advantage of Kubernetes Operators to manage our stateful services inside the cluster rather than deal with them outside the cluster. [1/2]

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Added :AAAAAA: emoji because my life was incomplete without it

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We're seeing how well it performs with @tryst before moving @switter across. We also need to figure out a migration plan to get @switter's database across which is pushing 50GB, and figure out how we should set up our database cluster for performance/resiliency, as well to ensure it has enough capacity to deal with our traffic, which is pushing 172 million requests per month.

It's a challenging but fun experience trying handle Switter's traffic and growth given our constraints!

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Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday! ❤️ I want you to know that I miss everybody on Switter and Mastodon ❤️ 🙆🏻 💕
It is a blessed year for me and I hope I brought my blessings to you too! ❤️ ☺️ 🌟 ✨

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I started Mastodon because I believe in decentralization. The more servers there are, and the more people are spread throughout them, the stronger the network is.

I encourage people to join other servers, or start their own.

However! is the gateway for those who are undecided, or who don't yet know about decentralization. It is also my baby just like the software itself. I do not appreciate hostility towards it when promoting the benefits of other servers. Thanks

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If you're a cat it's actually called your purrsona

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