@j There were too many logics, you did a great job!

I am back!!!
It's been so busy for me this semester, so I had to put my focus outside social media. Happy to be back 😊 ❤️ 😚
It's summer holiday in Melbourne now. Hope everyone is happy and healthy! 😚 ☺️

Selfie, Eye contact 

@joffa Thank you!! 😊 Finished everything!! 💕 🙆🏻

This semester has came to an end... I wanted to thank all the people who have supported me... financially, emotionally and academically. Can't wait to tell you my results.

I'm out for the winter! 😊 Should I start to sell my panties to pay for school? 😔 Only one year to go. No matter how hard life can be.. I believe I'll find a way... and same to you ❤️To all the people who are struggling out there in Melbourne winter.. those who seek shall find!!

I really like switter 😊 I like to talk with the people on Mastodon..I've learnt so much. I'm so grateful we have this platform.

Federated timeline is so much fun! I really should go back to my studies.. next week will finish all my exams... Wish me luck! 😉

@qwazix Ohhhh!! Now it make sense, I was doing it on my switter profile.. Thank you qwazix! let me..

I used:

<a rel="me" href="missemma.site/">Emma</a>

But didn't work. Let me try yours

I need help verifying my website!! Look at my code .. 😗 😚

If you haven't read the Mindset by Carol Dweck... it is one of the best book I've ever read!!! It is so much fun and has helped me tremendously during the period when I thought I was a piece of ** 😊

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