It's 2.22 am in Melbourne, I don't know why I woke up ✨

Our state is going into a state of disaster today 😳 Melbourne is having curfew too... I really hope everyone take care... Our health is the foundation of everything xx

Melbourne is sunny today😎 ☀️
15 °C ☁️♡

You? ❤️

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Documentation updates:

I've written details about the majority of environment variables in Mastodon:

And I wrote about how to proxy S3 stuff through nginx to save money:

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I hope clients of mine have knowledge about online security.

You could only find my information on and ScarletBlue. (Both are Escort directory)

This is my only website

Switter (This account) is the only social media I am using ❤️

I would never send you an unsolicited email asking for your password, credit card details or account information.

Be aware of spams and unauthorised parties.


I just watch the movie 21 (

I hope I'm THAT good at maths...or am I 🤔

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Are you enjoying the weekend...Or working like hell? 🧐 Remember to take sometime for yourself, rest... at least do 5 mins meditation ❤️ 😊
Much love x

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