Hey I love the new layout Mastodon!! 😊

I'm back!!
But I'm pausing my bookings due to COVID-19.
Take care everyone please! ❤️

@j There were too many logics, you did a great job!

I am back!!!
It's been so busy for me this semester, so I had to put my focus outside social media. Happy to be back 😊 ❤️ 😚
It's summer holiday in Melbourne now. Hope everyone is happy and healthy! 😚 ☺️

Selfie, Eye contact 

@Skiant Cute nail!

@joffa Thank you!! 😊 Finished everything!! 💕 🙆🏻

This semester has came to an end... I wanted to thank all the people who have supported me... financially, emotionally and academically. Can't wait to tell you my results.

I'm out for the winter! 😊 Should I start to sell my panties to pay for school? 😔 Only one year to go. No matter how hard life can be.. I believe I'll find a way... and same to you ❤️To all the people who are struggling out there in Melbourne winter.. those who seek shall find!!

I really like switter 😊 I like to talk with the people on Mastodon..I've learnt so much. I'm so grateful we have this platform.

Federated timeline is so much fun! I really should go back to my studies.. next week will finish all my exams... Wish me luck! 😉

@qwazix Ohhhh!! Now it make sense, I was doing it on my switter profile.. Thank you qwazix! let me..

I used:

<a rel="me" href="missemma.site/">Emma</a>

But didn't work. Let me try yours

I need help verifying my website!! Look at my code .. 😗 😚

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