How do you not donate seeing Sal in this cute magenta colour universe 😭
Khan academy changed my life & will be supporting till the end of the universe ✨✨✨

I have a tremendous amount of gratitude for the people who are running Switter. They are my voice while I don't have a platform to speak for myself, while I am afraid to even speak, for myself.

Thank you for being in my journey.
Here are two photos of your being brave & awesome 😊❤️✨

I no longer need to pay my tuition fees! I've made it... with a lot of helps ❤️ I can't pay my education without being a sex worker, simple as that. , support your friendly neighbourhood sex workers.

I'll be only using Switter for social media now 😊 As long as A4 continues to run it ❤️ I'd love to share things here with you♥︎

I took this photo when I started escorting. Taken by my friend who don't really take photos. It's going to be here as my souvenir x

Melbourne is gradually going back to normal! 😊 Should I get this dress and wear to the next dinner date? I don't understand the design ... 🤔 maybe at home..

Anyway!! Hope everyone is happy and cute x

Our state is going into a state of disaster today 😳 Melbourne is having curfew too... I really hope everyone take care... Our health is the foundation of everything xx

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Documentation updates:

I've written details about the majority of environment variables in Mastodon:

And I wrote about how to proxy S3 stuff through nginx to save money:

I just watch the movie 21 (

I hope I'm THAT good at maths...or am I 🤔

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Well, is no longer using Cloudflare DNS. That was a good reminder for me to make the switch I'd already planned.

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