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Happy 😃💕 I should really take more photos for switter xx
After these 2 busy months... Hope all my applications go through... fingers crossed ❤️ 🙏🏻

Have a good good night 😊 It is almost 1 am in Melbourne!

I love love the design on Tryst when pointing the mouse on profile a little bio shows up! 😃🙆🏻❤️ @tryst

Thank you ❤️

Because ❤️
People stand up for your rights as a fellow human being AND amplify the voice of marginalised people, without fear of their own public image.
AND made an instance for sex workers.
AND the ingenuity of Mastodon.
AND cute cats.

WHY would I leave ??

I read this on Katherine Maher's twitter, got me thinking...

I feel like a cat... When I'm not in the class... in the middle of the week!!! I hope you have a good good mid-week everyone! ❤️ ❤️ ☺️ ✨ 🌟

p.s. photo uploading is so fast today what did you do J?

@tryst @AssemblyFour I forget to screen shot! haha... Guess where I am! Everyone is so coool (the order of profiles were randomly shot😚)

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A dearly client recommended this book to me!!! 😃 ✨ Has anyone read it through? Did you like it? I just started! 🙆🏻 💕

Good evening my Swittercats 🙆🏻 ❤️ My dress code this weekend is 'die-hard trying' 😚

What is everyone doing right now except for boosting each other's cats? 💕
I took many photos in studio with my friend's film camera, we don't really know what to do 😹

Imagine one day I don't need to crop my photos to be able to stay safe, and just be myself 💕 ✨

What is everyone doing on Wednesday...☺️ Hope your week is a fulfilled one 💕

Moody... ...💕

It is cold and raining in Melbourne switterverse! ☃️

tho, my electronic company 😊


Finally, I have managed to take some new photos!

I hope you like it ❤️ Dear people on the swittervers 😊

I think I should post more photos to show my respect for switter 😊 Hope everyone is having a great day ❤️


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