I need help verifying my website!! Look at my code .. πŸ˜— 😚

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@EmmaG the "undefined" in the screenshot should be "me".


<a href="" target="blank"
data-content="" data-
type="external" rel="me">Switter</a>

I used:

<a rel="me" href="">Emma</a>

But didn't work. Let me try yours

@EmmaG I still see the old code where rel="undefined". Just in case it wasn't clear, you need to edit the code in your website not on your switter profile.

@qwazix Ohhhh!! Now it make sense, I was doing it on my switter profile.. Thank you qwazix! let me..

@EmmaG actually that's the way it works: it needs to make sure you can change something in your website so that only you can do it.

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