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The Experience. Soft, Sensual & Serene. Restorative with a Twist.

Masseuse, Bénévole and Professional Flirt
Elle Noelani

🏠 DC & Charlotte Based
✈️ Available Worldwide - Fly Me To You
🏆Bodywork and Tantric Massage

Professional Private Massage Service

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I've learned to immensely enjoy finding new pleasurable ways responding to your body's reactions to my touch. Not simply reacting to your reactions.

# georgia

💙💘 Always Give Some Love 💘💙

Hey you 😍 Show a little appreciation for all that SWers do on here such as all the photos and interactions that make this place fun for all 😁

👍 It doesn't even have to be much: 5, 10, 20. In the end you will make someone's day, make them feel appreciated, and you will almost always get rewarded anyways 🤭😉💙

📸 нere'ѕ ѕoмe ѕнoтѕ froм му recenт νιѕιт тo ℓαѕ νegαѕ ✨

cнecк oυт мore on му ιnѕтαgrαм!


When natural sensuality seems like good religion, you know it feels good. And no, I wont tell you what I was doing when I had that thought.....

Adventure time.
I'm not going to entertain your wicked side today, I'm going to challenge it. 😇🔄😈

Location: Charlotte NC

ιf уoυ ℓιкe ρнoтogrαρну, foℓℓoω му ιnѕтαgrαм :

ι нoρe тo ρнoтogrαρн ρroνιderѕ one dαу ѕoon! 🤗📸

Beach bound gents! Enjoying this warmth while it lasts.

8/3 - 8/10 Palm Beach, Florida
8/11 - 8/22 Charlotte, NC
8/24 Greensboro/Raleigh, NC

Sensual, nuru and Tantric massage from an internaionally trained masseuse. Relaxation with a twist. Learn more

Location: Palm Beach, Charlotte, Raleigh, Greensboro

There's a time in every "neat freaks" life that she temporarily accepts, expects and enjoys crumpled bed sheets, untidy rooms and clothes that didn't make it anywhere near the hamper.

I'm visiting Croatia in early fall. I always try to make an effort to learn a few phrases in the native tongue of the country I visit.

🦉Duolingo is usually my go to but unfortunately they don't have a course for it.

Does anyone have other language app recommendations?

Spending the weekend with my sugar crush for a fun rush. I hope there's some new lingerie in my very near future. 😜Then we all score! 😍 See you Monday Charlotte NC.

You set your intention this morning. No matter how on or off track you are right now, you are right where you need to be in this moment. Keep rocking it, you'll get there. 😘

I'm lovng this new "above and beyond" well mannered client culture thing that's been rearing it's pretty head a lot lately. But be aware, good manners and etiquette are ferociously sexy. 😛 Unexpected naughty things tend to occur as a result.

The Joy Con controllers, you know, the ones that come with the system and are their proprietary controllers, are built badly. It seems that after as little as a few months, the analog sticks start to drift. This is now happening on both sets of controllers for me.

thank you for the very thoughtful gift for my Bday wish you could be here to help me party it through 🌹 🌹

I know when not to stick around.

He told me I wasn't beautiful when I called him on his shit....

I thought anyone of beauty would have cheered for my lecture if they happened to hear it.

but he coward in to name calling

And Im still not quite mature enough to not have criticized his apparent sense of self worth as I walked quickly up the stairs...
My words dissecting with perfection his patriarch's romance tactics....
Could see in his cocky face that he was feeling small....

🌟even mas poem🌟

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