Good morning my loves❤️

Just stoping by to show some love and update you guys. I am set to graduate with my first degree next year. Focusing on school has been rewarding although, I do miss you all 😘

I hope you all have Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year.


Elena G🌺

Good morning loves, i wanted to take a moment out of my hiatus to thank those of you who have been purchasing items from my wishlist. I am receiving them and i truly appreciate you! 💛

And the friends I made along this journey.

I hope to talk to you all soon 💖

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I haven’t received any bookings in 8 months and I feel there’s no point in putting anymore of my time and energy into this, at least not at this moment.

Thank you everyone who has been supportive, those who sent gifts, the gentleman who booked dates with me,

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Good Morning Loves ❤️

I have been going back and forth between going on a hiatus or just retiring Elena all together.

I’ve decided to go on a hiatus. I’m not sure when or if I’ll be back! My course load this semester is extreme

Someone sent me an evite to my email but I can’t open it if this was you can you dm me.


Good Morning to all the beautiful ladies and gents from twitter world.

Have an amazing titty Tuesday 😉


Official Chicago Availability Schdeule! *Subject to Change!*

River North & Magnificent Mile ~

5/15 ~ 3-11 pm
5/16 ~ 7-10 am/2-11 pm
5/17 ~ 4-11 pm
5/18 ~ 7 am-11 pm
5/19 ~ 7 am-11 pm
5/20 ~ 7 am-5 pm
5/21 ~ 7 am-11 pm
5/22 ~ 7-11 am



I booked my first client without a site, without any photos, and I wasn’t very active on twitter.

Boston is either the market for me or it isn’t. I’ve seen both sides so far starting with nothing and booking a client and investing my own money into it and making zero in return

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I keep being told that I am not putting enough effort into this business well here are some details for you all.

I had my last client in September, spent money on shoot in October, stayed active on Twitter, paid for ads on multiples sites and still received zero bookings.

Please don’t judge my personality on my twitter. I am a lot more charming and beautiful in person.

As much as I try to understand twitter and posting more, I simply don’t. Especially when I’m trying to stay under the radar for personal reasons.

Have you ever ridden a motorcycle? — Yes I have! Especially in my country where the weather is always beautiful and the air is fresh 🤗

I just got on the game of thrones wave and I would love a threesome with Khaleesi. I’m drooling 🤤

I was applying for a job and one of the requirements was to submit a cover letter with your favorite joke.

Mine is:
knock knock
Whose there
Mustache who?
I mustache you a question but I’ll shave it for later 🤣🤣

What’s your favorite joke of all time?

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