@EHaize . . . hmmm . . . Never thought I’d want to be a movie or a soap bubble . . . But I’m reevaluating!

@Suzandust liar, liar pants on fire! Here's the card and receipt I sent you. 5 minutes later you'd redeemed it and tried to scam me to get more. If you're who you say you are my offer still stands. I'll meet you in a public place near Union Square and give you (or anyone who shows up with a selfie of you with a recent newspaper front page) $400. No strings attached, no drama; 5 minutes, $400. Plus I'll publically apologize. Until then I'll keep warning folks that you're a thief and not real

- re @Suzandust scamming me. Here’s the email “Baby I’m not a thief and I didn’t redeem the card! If you still want to meet up by 9pm, get a physical hotels.com or Walmart card! I really want to clear your conscience that I’m real but I won’t meet you without my deposit”. So I’m extending my offer. $400 to anyone willing to meet for 5 minutes in a public place near Union Square with a selfie of you and “Suzan” with a recent newspaper headline.

- more humor from @Suzandust scamming me. Traded a series of emails with “her” wherein “she” continued to deny redeeming the $400 gift card I sent a picture of to “her”. I offered to meet “her” at a local 24/7 diner and give “her” $400 more if “she” was the person in her profile pic or even close. “She” wanted me to get another gift card and send it to “her” before she meets. My offer still stands but ROFLMAO about request for another “deposit”

My nature is to trust you ladies. I hope you’ll show me the same courtesy. I walked into @Suzandust scam half knowingly because I felt in this FOSTA era “her” comfort from a deposit was more important than the risk of me losing $400. I should have trusted my spider-sense or done a tineye search. Better yet, stuck with a lady I could verify or already know and lust after. Like @BelleDeJourSF or @MeetStellaJane or @EHaize or @Missamberreid. I’ll gladly give you references but no more deposits

RIPOFF/THIEF WARNING! @Suzandust scammed me out of $400. Her approach is to ask for a $400deposit to be paid with Amazon gift cards. Sending her pics of the card numbers and receipt just starts the next phase of “oh baby, the cards aren’t verifying. You need to go get Walmart cards instead.” Her pics are from thechive.com/2018/01/02/let-an and thechive.com/2018/09/14/hipwai. So be warned. Don’t cry for me switterland as I half expected it. But be wary of the method and do Tineye searches.

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Because it’s hump day and who doesn’t love a little bit of sexy lingerie to spice up your day and tease your mind... 😉😘😊

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