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My day time availability has opened for the week. Let me know when your wife is away...or when your lunch break has started...

281-410-1031 *text only*

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He’s right ya know.... they are bigger in person 🥰

Text to book your exciting outcall adventure today. 281-410-1031.

Sooo —

Probably doing this whole advertising thing wrong, but:

It was real 💯

Be back soon ⏱

(excuse the *open windows on the freeway* hair

I’m not sure how many times I can stress this...
I will NEVER be available for a 3am session.
I love my sleep.

Sorting through photos since I'm updating my Tryst and Private Delights. Here's some fan favorites😊This is also a daily reminder that when I'm not available, getting pics is always an option! Cashapp or Venmo only. $15 for 3, $20 for 5, bigger discounts the more pics you want 😘 Uncensored and unblurred of course!

Good Morning ladies and generous gents!

Sending you all positive energy 💕

Made it through Monday but this is me pretty much every morning.

Still packing. Still drinking wine.
No incalls this week due to all these boxes 😂

BUT I am available for outcall appointments 💋

Limited availability. 281-410-1031 *text only*

Why is it that those who reach out to me almost never reschedule when I say I’m not available 🤨

I am a student fellas




Biggest of all time?

Ulta’s extremely grand emails featuring 20% off storewide coupons that exclude everything except for, like, cotton balls and emery boards.

No hate,
but if I could show my face,
it would be *over* for at least,
like, 3 of you heauxs.

brought to you by Grey Goose

I waited all year to post that “Wake Me Up When September Ends” song, but I actually have a lot planned this month.

So in lieu of sleeping through it, I’m willing to accept simming through it on a one-time basis.

Go go gadget: fast forward @ 8x!

I am in need of a recommendation for a sex worker-friendly chiropractor in the — preferably or .

Alternatively, advice on how to explain the spinal stress of enthusiastic doggy-style (without having to use the phrase “enthusiastic doggy-style”) to an unverifably sex worker-friendly chiropractor will also suffice and be equally appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

Also, I wish this was just a joke,
but I take nothing back.

(Only from the back. HA!)

New Switter thing I suddenly wanna do,
but probably can’t/shouldn’t:

Photoshopping the Kool-Aid Man jumping out of va-jays and bootyholes.

Good morning my loves,
Happy Day of the humpings. :bunnies:
Have a fantabulous one 🤗😘

Random facts about me.
I don’t know how to swim
I love seafood
I wanted to be a CIA Agent when I grew up

:porno_mag: Content 4 sale :porno_dvd:

Nudes 📷
Solo pleasure 📹
Cockworship 📹
Daty 📹
Lactation 📹

DM for details 😈👅💦

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