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He’s right ya know.... they are bigger in person 🥰

Text to book your exciting outcall adventure today. 281-410-1031.

How much longer is this isolation?
Will my boobs get bigger?
Will I have to s*ck my own nipples?!

I’m looking forward to meeting new gents, once this all blows over.

In the meantime, I hope everyone is doing well & staying safe. 💕 We're going to get through this!

Missing meeting gents in person and watching their eyes grow in exciting. I miss hearing them gasp...moan....

Thankful for those taking advantage of my texting package. 🥰

Quarantine has made my breasts bigger.

Don’t ask me about the science behind it. I just know, okay.

Good Afternoon

Same goes for virtual GFE.
Text. Me. Now.

Who’s reaching out to inquire how I’m doing? New gents.

Not my regular gents. ☹️🙃

‪Damn quarantine...‬

‪How much longer am I supposed to go without a facial? ‬

‪No gents. No facial. Sadness.‬

‪Morning 🌞‬

‪It’s crazy right not but don’t forget to count your blessings. It could always be worse. ‬

My breasts are still heavy....if you’re wondering.

My breasts are’s not even about’s about them.


Twitter gents. Are you coming to me, or am I traveling to you?


Happy Monday Switter Loves!

Soooooo, my birthday is in April & I was saying to myself

“Self, what should I do to make this an awesome birthday?”

Self has decided that for the next 4 weeks I’m opening the gates to playtime paradise

For the month of March I’m accepting new playmates - Mon-Thurs, 11a-9p

Leave me w/a birthday smile & I’ll be sure to put one on your face too😈

Come April, the gates close again for new friends - I’ll only be seeing my tried & trues😘

Text 310-596-1858

This quarantine is working in my favor 🔥
Take advantage of my texting package.

We can keep the convo PG....or not 💋

If you’re interested in a text package...please reach out. You’ll recieve a week long opportunity to chat with me. I’m a fast responder and photos are included 💕

Don’t let COVID-19 get in between us.


Shoutout to clients still seeing providers and providers still seeing clients.

May you all continue to be blessed with strong ass immune systems. 💕💰

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