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I really haven’t had a Switter date in SUCH a long time. Do y’all really live that far from me? 😪

My breasts and I are so thankful for all of the love we’ve been shown this week 🥰

I love how everyone is at Academy Sports and Outdoors this morning.

Last minute shoppers unite!

Happy Father’s Day ♥️

Passed a hard ass exam this morning. 88%
Solid B 😭 I’ll take it.

I’ve been using VerifyHim to aid with my screening and I haven’t been let down. They’re amazing at helping companions stay safe!

Can I just get nasty for 1 second?

I love when a client cums in between my breasts...fu*king magical. And then I add spit for visual purposes... lawd

Okay, back to our scheduled program 😇

Drunk drivers suck.

Thankfully the damage isn’t too bad to my vehicle and I’m okay 🥲

Fingers crossed it doesn’t cost too much to repair

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Nope. No more breasts for Switter gents.

All I do is talk to myself here 🥲

Huge thank you to those that engage.

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Recently added some items to my wishlist, if you’d like to spoil me. 🥰 thank you in advance!

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