Still waiting for my holiday love bug , looking to be a holiday client 🤣🙏🏽

Ladies if I boost you to help you get some money. Please don't steal from my people. You probably did not know or do not care but it makes it hard on the ones who put in the effort to support each other even harder.
Guys if you see a lady please remember each lady works different and we can't control other's actions.
This is the life we choose💁
When its good it's great but when it sucks it sucks.

Your value does not decrease based on someone's inability to see your worth

Tis’ the season to be naughty ;). Especially with Halloween here

Got all ready, Uber almost here and the fucker cancelled!!! This is why we ask for deposits 🤬🙄

Hello Switter!

Long time no see how is everyone doing? I have been out of the loop since before COVID but ready to start seeing friends (old and new) soon. 🐰💕

Disclaimer: I will never initiate contact with my clients.

Like a "lady in wait" I wait to be summoned and always allow the gents to lead the way…🐰😍😘

Discretion is of the utmost importance therefore not initiating communication is one of my hard rules.


Has their ever been anyone that has been your client that has blown your mind on levels where you’re just like “soul mate” just curious I pick these random thoughts out of my brain and share them with you all so I can get perspective. Also for the ones whom are curious .😅

Is it fair to ask a woman if she has credible references ? Am I out of line for wanting to be safe also? And when I say credible references I don’t mean a website that you have created. I mean something Credible like PrivateDelights . I don’t mean to come off to anyone who uses other platforms just want to set the record straight. All encounters I’ve done have either been video verified from Tryst or Private Delights.

@Drwpt and they keep using her face.

And others as well. I've a ton of tabs of suspected waiting to be processed. If you see a , shoutout and send info to report.

Meet the Woman Whose Face Launched a Thousand Catfish Scams

"In my mind, there’s no one that I have never met in person, who I have no proof that they actually exist, that I would ever give a thousand dollars to. I still feel bad for them, but I just wish that they would have thought so much harder before letting go of their hard-earned cash to somebody who [they] have no face, no name, no address [of]."

Read & digest the article 🙏 Pls

Been retired from visits for some time, mainly because of Covid stuff is scary but im vaccinated and looking for some fun in Los Angeles looking for friends ☺️

Gents who have met me recently: Please be kind enough to leave me an awesome review on my new

Nothing puts a smile on my face more then hearing a notification that I got a special gift from 🌹🌹)💋💋😘$alexissweet69

Just putting it out there 😘😘😘💋💕

I am available now in Boston, Massachusetts, United States! To get in touch, visit me on @tryst

Been seeing so many fake profiles lately :(

I am available now in Sacramento, California, United States! To contact me, visit

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