Good Morning

I'm taking appointments for tonight in the area! That includes and everywhere in between! Space and times are limited and a cuddle with me is just what the doctor ordered!!

@Drk_Knight81 yes it’s cold... and later on I’ll be out in it knocking doors selling solar... 🥶🥶

@SaSsYARi just think of all the duos we'd have lol I bet cuck fantasies are big down there!

@Drk_Knight81 @SaSsYARi Laugh if you want to but I had no idea what cuck fantasies were until a couple of mins ago. Thanks Google 🤦‍♂️

@WelshmanSacbi don’t know what they are and I haven’t googled the term. @Drk_Knight81

@SaSsYARi I've never been in a cuckold session but I hear they are super hot!

@Drk_Knight81 doesn’t sound like anything I personally would be interested in. Sorry

@SaSsYARi no worries lol I've never tried it so I'd try itonce...but I'd still by solar from you 😘

@Drk_Knight81 I think we can only sell In Florida and New Jersey right now

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