Pardon me clients of Switter...a moment of your time please...If you are looking for one of us escorts or providers, please please please please tell us what area you're looking in...nothing drives us crazier than when we see you're looking and don't know where you are!

@Drk_Knight81 I mean you could be looking for the remote for your tv with those statements ! be bold say what you would be looking for like this !
hey D I need a wingman for the night on the 15th are you available ?

@Damien1975 I wish I was! Family will be in town celebrating my birthday

@Drk_Knight81 you would be awesome just to hang out with though

@Damien1975 I feel the same about you! If you make it to the east coast let me know!

@Drk_Knight81 @Damien1975

Sorry to intrude

But you guys are the cutest ❤️🙏🏽

@Drk_Knight81 @Sweetnicole you are always welcome my Queen ! also We are the best version of D and D !

@AmyJade trust me...I'm ready to all caps my PSAs...seems like words fall flat on deaf ears...

@Drk_Knight81 they really do.. "Uh I dunno how to work this Switter thing" DO YOU KNOW HOW TO USE TWITTER?? DO YOU KNOW HOW TO GOOGLE?

@AmyJade easy are making sense...that shit ain't so common anymore...

@Drk_Knight81 right? I keep expecting oeoplevtonuse braincells.. I keep being disappointed.

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