This photoset expires in 3 days...

Unless My silly bitches reach My target goal 🥵🥵🌹


Escape is unnecessary.

In My Presence, you have found your life's purpose...

your addiction....

your freedom...

your release.

The long-awaited appearance of 'Truly Interactive Sessions' has arrived!

I give to you the ability to take control of one of My favorite toys... 🎀
My Lovense Lush 🎀~ the long-distance vibrating device! Make My pussy drip like it's the touch of your fingers inside Me... Take your time, I want to cum over and over for you - Remember, you're in control this time, at least of My vibes....

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If you wear a crown of thorns...
I want your crown of cum

Be the Savior for this common whore 🙏 Bless Me with your love... wanking while I tempt you with pleasures of the flesh...

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Wrap yourself up in My nice cozy web. It's safe here ☺

Feel everything around you fade away as your desire for Me grows...

you find yourself craving My attention....
even just a simple 'Good morning'....
to the point you find yourself doing everything you can to please Me.

Flowers... Chocolates.... Lingerie.... you send for them all!

My happiness is your happiness. Complete submission is only the beginning 🥵🥵🔥💎

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No matter what you crave. The pleasure you feel, will come from My instruction and Divine presence. I will mold you to My desires, My fetishes, ultimately My Divine Will.

Find your Place beneath the soles of this Divine Female:



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I deserve it.

Why should I stress about it? you males are supposed to be taking care of it!

That means put down your penis and thank the one who makes it happy! 🖕🖕🖕🖕


Want Me to fuck Myself with well.... something aside from My fingers...?

I deserve it😏

I also deserve to not have to think about how Im going to please My fans with what I keep getting requests to see... yet still unable to make it happen...🤨🤔

My vibe quit after a full charge its done...

Dildos dont last forever...

But twitching cocks never stop!

1 + 1 = 🤔spoil Me like I deserve Ill make sure youre rewarded for making My life easier & NOT asking for more FROM Me.

Random question:

subs, how many jobs do you need to be able to pay your bills, sit around jerking off to us for FREE, then have the audacity to complain about tributes, payments, ect. ? How many jobs does it take?? I hear nothing but 'Im broke' from wannabe subs. Put down your cocks and you might be able to afford our time and energy. Ok, it started as a question.


Wouldn't you rather watch Me live My happiest life possible doing THIS all day, making $$ on like I DESERVE,

Instead of Me working for someone else taking time/energy away from doing what I LOVE, just to supplement the shortcomings of so-called subs??

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