I will be sharing key points from my business school Digital Marketing course, for those who wish to benefit.

"Today, your best opportunities for growth may not lie solely in developing new "blockbuster" products or services. They may instead be found by selling more and better to your existing best customers, and finding new customers with similar behavioral tendencies.

1. Identify and track best customers
2. Align operations around them
3. Create and sustain competitive advantages

✨☀️Smile! It’s the weekend ☀️✨What you got planned? ☀️✨

Many of you have asked if we were taking donations and today we’re happy to announce that we are accepting donations for the ongoing costs of Switter! You can donate via Liberapay and Patreon. Here's a run down: medium.com/assembly-four/seeki

Donate to Keep @switter running!



For those of you that missed the @switter toot, I know times are tough, but imagine how they would be without this platform? I'm sure every little bit helps. I made a pledge and hope you all do the same. Remember we are and always will be ! Especially my people, let's show them !!

💗 💗 💗 💗 💗 💗 💗 💗 💗 💗 💗 💗 💗 💗 💗 💗 💗 💗 💗💗

the good news: i made it to !
the bad news: i've had a cancellation for this evening. (booo-urns!)
the best news: i have time to see YOU now! 😇😍

contact me w/solid screening info & this juicy 🍑 is all yours tonight! (preference will be given to multi-hr requests.) 💖👄✨ switter.at/media/SdVU5bBO_QH1F

RT @noterfsnoswerfs@twitter.com: Please share widely & encourage those who can to sign our letter, if not as an org then as individuals. Panelist should not have to suffer bcuz of TERFs/SWERFs like Yuly Chan.

cc: @vancouverdic@twitter.com @CUPEBC@twitter.com @OrganizeBC@twitter.com


I recently seen someone come on Switter to do a report for their school assignment. I asked a simple question “how did you find out about Switter” & then there were crickets ..sw be careful on talking to anybody here as this site is tremendously growing 💋 xo

Today is a retweet day!! Retweeting tons of gorgeous sex workers who deserve to be loved!!!

I don't understand why I keep seeing so many posts about guys not wanting to go through the screening process. I mean come on guys really? You wont trust the lady but automatically expect her to trust you. Dude its dangerous for all sides in this world now. If you have nothing to hide your have nothing to worry about.

is coming up. What's everyone doing? We would love to team up with some organizations and workers to start something! Hit us with your ideas :D This is the time to make some noise.

Before I go to bed a couple of you ladies contacted me about web design in light of losing your sites. If you need a site now is the time to move forward. June will be a heavy month so get your site now

Please toot/boost me! ✨
Still need my popped

I have limited slots open for 5/3-5/4 in San Francisco. Prepaid Book now while you have the chance! I won’t be in the Bay Area for much longer💋


🐥Twitter/Instagram @AmeenaBeMinesSF

⚠️To gain full access to my website, email me for your personal passcode.

Hi I'm Cassie Lynn. Your favorite or soon to be favorite Asian fantasy. I have a curvy frame and seductive eyes accompanied with a bright smile. I'm fun eager and passionate. You will absolutely enjoy my company.
Schedule for Northern Cali:
5/2-5/3 Concord
5/4-5/5 Fremont
5/6 Sacramento
5/7-5/8 Pleasanton

Location: The Bay Area: Concord/Fremont/Sac/Pleasanton
Contact: phone: (925)331-0928 email: mzcassielynn@gmail.com

RT @Estelle_Lucas@twitter.com: I'm very proud to announce I've just launched an Australian-based hosting server that's proof! I've moved my website over, if you're an Australian worker, this is an option for you. Please redcloudhosting.com.au/

SMH Idk why I'm so nice enough to even grace these fools with a response of any kind. Watch out for scum like this guy and others that will try and pretend like they've seen you before.. as though we REALLY don't know any better.
Ladies, he is local to the email me for his info.

First pic is our previous contact.. Lol second is what he tried to pull today.

"why do you toot about politics and other stuff... toot about being a heaux... I don't wanna hear the rest"

hard pass.... going to do whatever the fuck I want. don't like it, find the exit😙 👌

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, wherever you are in the world! 🌎 I hope you’re having a great day. The sun is out, ☀️ and I’m dancing about here to Queen 🎸 ‘We Will Rock You’ on the radio. 🤘🏼
I’m going to buy a new fridge freezer today, how exciting is my life!? 😜 Well, it will be more exciting when I get some ice cream in the new freezer! 🍦

Good morning Switter world!!

Starting my Tour DC/Virginia/Baltimore area: May 3rd thru May 10th
Taking appointments now
Email: gemmacoreana@protonmail.com
Ask about Ter/P411/switter Specials!

Screening/verification a must so please do not waste my time if you're not willing to give your info, DISCRETION IS RESPECTED TO THE HIGHEST!!

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