This year keeps bringing more blessings as it progresses. I look at all I have & accomplished, & thankful that I have genuine & loving people around me to share it with.

Planning the next family vacation because all my student loans are finally paid off. (Yay) Do I go back for another Masters or no? Everything does indeed happen in perfect timing :)

Hey lovelies,
I am currently unable to provide gfe because I am recovering from an injury sustained during a date w/ a client. I do not believe this person intended to hurt me but they got carried away and this was the result. I will only be available for fbsm, fetish, socials, cuddling, and party calls until further notice. I may offer bbj specials to select clients. If anyone would like to take this opportunity to support me and buy some custom content I would greatly appreciate it.



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TGIF Loves!

So happy that the week is coming to an end so I can have some much needed beauty rest this weekend. This clear & flawless complexion isn't a result of sleep deprivation or lack of self-preservation. 😘

Anyone want to meet on this rainy day?

Contact: (917) 809-1640

It was a beautiful day in NYC today. The sun had my skin glowing! I decided to take my blazer off and go out for lunch today. As usual, I received a lot of smiles & sweet compliments during the short stroll. Anyone up for going out while the weather is still cooperating?


Today's conference. Not too shabby for a 7am, sleep-deprived, pre/caffeinated, Monday photo.

Scheduling for today & the rest of the week. Facetime, Footplay, Bodyrubs, or whatever tickles your fancy...

My co-workers keep saying i look like a black Velma Dinkley (from Scooby Doo) today. 🤦🏽‍♀️ I tend to look nerdy 60% time & Ive embraced that since childhood. Men tend to be intrigued by the "librarian-type"


Happy Tuesday Loves.
Having an amazing week & I feel Amazing.

Just left the gym. Who wants to go to the mall? I have some holiday shopping to do, and I just want some company to come and chat with while I browse. Also a second opinion is always great. Who is off work and idle at the moment?

Met the funniest client today. A retired printer for the Daily News & 3rd generation Brooklyn Italian. Both of us having a witty sense of humor, we laughed the whole time. We ended up cooking together & sharing family stories. I love organic bonding like that. And he had a cute view of the water in Fort Hamilton. Tipped well & offered a cab to & from his place. He was an old fashioned gentleman- my favorite type. ❤️

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