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Thank you beautiful woman for
the boosts & switter love! ❤️ 😂 @SxySpanishMia


Great to see you here! Thank you for the boost and fav! ❤️😍

Thank you for all of the boosts and favs @Njguy 💚 😂

Have a spectacular Saturday!

Thank you for the boost and fav @Fridays117 😂💚.

Have an amazing week!


What a glorious surprise to get on Switter and read these warm words of praise from you! 💚 😂

Thank you so much Hobby. Tears of joy sprang to my eyes when I read them.

Bel blessed and have a fantastic day and an even more wonderful week!

Dianne Dougherty


You are very welcome! Hope you are having a great day!


Thank you amazing woman for all of your boosts and favs. And for being you. 💚😊

Have a fantastic week filled with love joy and so much happiness,😂❤️

My pleasure. Still healing. At least another 4 weeks in the c-collar.

@DianneRN I have been freed of the C-Collar ! 89 days and out with no restrictions or PT. Doc just said don’t go out and start throwing hose. Thus it has been my first week back at the office and 2 days this week in the gym. Tired and pleasantly sore...if that makes sense. Thanks for listening to my little DM’s...was trying to keep from going nuts with cabin fever and such.

Take Care,


Yay for you! Our bodies are incredibly miraculous. ❤️ So happy to hear no restrictions for you. Enjoy! 😊

@DianneRN -

You are very welcome, as always!!

Hope that your Sunday is fantastic!!

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