Relationships impact every aspect of your life.

Home life.

Work life.

Sex life.


Family life.

Community life.


Increasing your ability to interact lovingly as a powerful man in your life not only gives you the distinct advantage it also brings you more happiness.

That's a good thing.

Dianne Dougherty


Thank you for the boosts & favs ❀️ πŸ˜‚










I appreciate your love and support!

Have a fantastic week everyone! πŸ’— πŸ’š

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Thank you Dianne for all the positive and interesting posts!! It's always such a pleasure to see your posts!!

@SxySpanishMia @TwoStooges2 @HobbyWannabee @Fasza7 @misslisacharms @Biggoldguy @Jaytarat5 @Cossetan

I think first and foremost the positive way in which you encourage everyone to work and change to make their situation better. Also the very practical nature of your posts. What you suggest is not difficult and very practical to use in your daily life. It is all very much appreciated, as are you!! ❀️❀️

@SxySpanishMia @TwoStooges2 @HobbyWannabee @Fasza7 @misslisacharms @Biggoldguy @Jaytarat5 @Cossetan


😊 Thank you so much for your warm words. So happy you find my posts inspiring practical and applicable! Feeling and receiving the love πŸ’š It' beautiful!

@SxySpanishMia @TwoStooges2 @HobbyWannabee @Fasza7 @misslisacharms @Biggoldguy @Jaytarat5 @Cossetan


As always it is my pleasure!! I love your consistently positive messages!! They are absolutely contagious!! Thank you for all you do!!!

@SxySpanishMia @TwoStooges2 @Stonewall13 @HobbyWannabee @Fasza7 @misslisacharms @Jaytarat5 @Cossetan

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