I'm DianneRN Holistic Professional & Love Coach Empowering Business Owners & Professional Men to DeStress ReEnergize Restore Love & Intimacy into their Lives
Marriage Solution
I work online & in person with people
Let's schedule a call.

Location: Ohio
Contact: 330-776-8144


Thank you for the boost and the follow. 😍 💚

Love your avatar pic 😊

Thank you for the boost @Stonewall13 😍 ❤️

May you have a fantastic week filled with love and passion!

Thank you for all of the boosts and Love❤️ 😂 💚

Coming right back to you @MilanBvlgari

(You too are one of my favs....ever since you posted how you do a split!! 😘 😋 )

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Have a Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy.

Thank you for the boost beautiful!

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May you have a warm and wonderful weekend filled with love and delight! 💚 💕 😊

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Have a fantastic Friday and weekend 😂 💕


So nice to see you back! Thank you for all of the boosts and favs. 💚 😂

Have the happiest of holidays and enjoy a spectacular week! 😍

Thank you for all of the boosts and favs lovely @phoenixx

Have a spectacular Saturday amazing woman! 😍 ❤️

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Thank you so much for following me and for the boost and fav!😍

Have a lovely day! 💚


Thank you, Dianne!! And thank you for always being such a bright spot here!! It doesn’t go unnoticed!

@DianneRN Dianne. Thank you for the boost. Would you consult on balancing desire?

@DianneRN - You are very welcome!

Have a wonderful Sunday and a Happy Thanksgiving!


😍 😍 😍

Happy happy Thanksgiving to you too! (I was thinking the Pilgrims landed in VA but it was my geography misaligned.😊 ) Enjoy your week. 💚 (Excited to see what you recommend for our listening pleasure!) 💚 💕 💚 😂

@DianneRN - Yes, the Pilgrims landed in MA - but then they made their way down to VA on their way to DC to move into the White House.

Get ready for some exciting Turkey Week music!!

You're one of my favourites😍


I feel your positive energy through my screen 😘


Thank you so much 😂 💚

That is AWESOME!!

Have a fantastic day. You are going to breeze through that written test!

You got this girl! Own IT!
❤️ 😂 💚

I'm thinking if I can just say "The dog ate my homework" excuse


@DianneRN @MilanBvlgari ugh...I could never do a split...not unless I didn't want to get back up lol

@DianneRN - You are very welcome!

A wonderful Friday to you, as well!

@DianneRN Dianne I hope your holidays are great too! 😘⛄️🌲🎄

@DianneRN Hi Dianne, I am not exactly sure what it is you do but it sounds interesting and worth exploring.🙂

@DianneRN you are welcomed- have a good weekend! 🤗😘🌹

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