Screening is required. It’s harmless, I promise. ☺️

@DevonAndrew what do you do to screen? looking for more ideas for screening safety is vital in this game. and I almost lost my life so I would love any output u have hun!

@HoneyCocaine89 hey love! i am currently working on a better way to screen now that I can not use TER or Eecie to check their review behavior. If you can PM your email, I will send what I have been doing now.

@DevonAndrew thank i so much i just sent my email ! Cuz this is driving me crazy !! I can’t do anything until my safety is 📌

@HoneyCocaine89 @DevonAndrew I would also love more information on screening procedures that work for people. I have this idea of what screening entails, but no real concrete understanding of how it's done in practice. Any info is greatly appreciated!

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