ladies please dont trust these men, clients enough to offer them review specials!
I have seen that backfire so many times.
Do NOT offer review specials its a really bad idea.

Just A Friendly Reminder Ladies... STICK TO YOUR SCREENING! If you feel uncomfortable at anytime ... FOLLOW YOUR GUT. Case In Point.. Last night I declined someone and was immediately threatened with not 1 but several fake reviews. SMH.. SCREENING IS VERY IMPORTANT ANY GUY WORTH SEEING WILL UNDERSTAND AND RESPECT THAT. IF HE DOESNT... He maybe the type of weirdo that screening was made for you to avoid in the first place ...Stay Safe Smart and Sexy Ladies!

I also will have a private location for incalls starting Aug 1st... woot woot

Hi guys, I’m back from my hiatus!!
i’m available for outcalls this week
and July 28th I will be in

Good morning all my fellow ESCORTS have a good day and get that money 💸💰💲

Now that my semester is over i’m trying to stay low volume while also seeing the best people

I haven’t really gotten back to advertising yet but a lot of people have been super nice enough to keep me in loop for when i start back. I think I will later this week

@BrienneHarris I have always gone and sometimes prefer it to traditional feels more authentic and you'd be surprised at how many guys get it with just a wink and a smile.😉

and i’ve traded blonde hair for black! but i’ll be back blonde soon for those that enjoy it more

Plus, i’m on vacation until tomorrow! So It’s even more frustrating.

I don’t care about texting but it has to be something we agreed on beforehand.

Do y’all ever get clients that literally want to text you all day?

I’m still not officially back until May 14. But I’m just so happy that finals are over that I wanted to stop by and say hi. Spending the weekend pampering myself because I deserve 😩

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