I can’t do mv messages tonight 😩 I’m so sorry. My head and body is killing me, I think I’m getting sick.

I don’t have plans tomorrow morning so I’ll do them then. I just need the extra sleep, and I can’t sleep in so going to bed early is the only option.

I waited too long to go through twitter notifications 😭😭 never again omg

I can see if you free voted for me and how many times you did it on MV, please don't lie to me about it, it's not nice ❤️

BTW, if I sent you a coupon code, it's now active!
It's for 50% off everything on my page (excluding custom vids, but there's a dif code for that on there!) until FEB 5th!

This code was only sent to special voters <3 twitter.com/DestinationKat/sta

I filmed something new today ;)
If you want to see the uncensored image go check out my mv social page!


Be sure to follow me there as well!
I post things and have plans to post more uncensored things there very soon!


Check out my @ap_clips@twitter.com

Now you can use Tokens 📀
or Checkout with a Cart 🛒

🌈 apclips.com/destinationkat

APClips + AP Creators =

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