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For the first time in my life, ever, I present to you: tan lines! Thank you melanotan2 for giving this Norwegian girl some pigment.


Ok new one first. Month or so old. Me in all my AARP oldness. Just don't piss granny off...I curl 35's each arm.

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Yum yum yum...an afternoon delight with Kyle Mason. Send me an email if you'd like to book an afternoon or evening of my time in


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Nobody does hardcore Euro like Legal Porno. This great group of guys took me to the moon today (and veritably tried to drown me in piss). Go check out my other scene on legalporno.com released today. This one coming soon!


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Sexts I was sending a lucky gent earlier tonight. I'm open for dates! Or in . Enjoy some time with a genuine

RT @MaxineHolloway@twitter.com: When it rains it fucking pours. SB 1204 is being voted on in Northern CA on April 10 - this expands the definition of pandering & will make it a felony to provide services to street-based workers. This is OUTRAGEOUS we need your help (cont)...

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Buttholes are amazing! Six hours ago, I was being battered by two cocks in my ass for almost an hour. Hardly noticeable, now. Practically forgotten. (Lol) Need to do it again! Thanks, Legal Porno!


US Government: We're going to start demanding that social media websites crack down on sex workers

Sex workers: Oh yeah? We don't need you. We'll start our own social media, with blackjack and hookers.

Important: Unless something is on the switter.at or assemblyfour.com domains, it is NOT run by us, and IS third party.

We may host bridges or crossover tools in the future, but currently DO NOT. Trust as you would any app accessing your data.

Are you or in search of stimulating ? It could be friendly & casual, & , or & !

In my personal life and sex work, I am honored that people tend to feel comfortable opening up to me. I am a genuine person, as real and compassionate as it gets. If you prove that you support me, I can be your most loyal and trusted friend.

I know how it feels to be isolated and need someone to talk to about weird things. You're not alone.


There are infinite timewasters trying to devalue sex workers. The people who we want to spend our time on are the genuine people who prove that they value and support us as more than just fap material, but as people.

Let's see... If I can get 25 follows from some eager, hungry boys, girls, and enbies, I'll share my pretty girlcock with all of you!

Come on. I know you want to see it...


@switter Great job keeping up with demand, adding capacity and making the place responsive.

I see that some ladies are starting to put their locations (as hashtags) in their messages. That is SO HELPFUL!

Imagine a Craigslist Personals site that was *not* broken down by city. How would anybody find anybody?

Thanks to all y'all who instantly put up something to replace the default avatar...I prefer talking to unanonymized profiles :)

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morning lounging with the fluffiest kitty in the world!

Brilliant filthy sex with Brian Gozzling yesterday for Hookup Hotshot

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