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Our friends in Thailand at Empower Foundation have a draft Decrim Bill. If they collect 10,000 + voters signatures the House of Representatives must consider their draft to abolish the current laws & decriminalise sex work.


What's on my mind in the pocket pens, tool belts
I Dharma & you Greg
linear thinkers really turn me on

@Clreviews Repeat: Relaxed, super clean, sexy/tender, gift/tip. One time: Wasted, jittery, unclean, too rough, wants my real name etc, donation haggling, wants reviews/pics/vids.

@Hulksmashed @Clreviews definitely. And while I tend to hate HH, sometimes I use them for introductions. It really just depends.

@ElCapitanClassico @Clreviews I to say the high volume provider are always checking the phone cuz that's how their money comes in. Quick visits and 30 minute sessions v. 60+ minutes

@Hulksmashed @Clreviews that's such a great personal touch if she never checks her phone during a session. lol the high volume may be why.

@ElCapitanClassico @Clreviews oh yes!! The provider who turns her phone off to begin our session gets major repeat points from me but I find that's not the m.o of more upscale dates, only high volume, low budget providers

@Clreviews repeat for me: chemistry. Great hygiene. Her mouth was life changing. She made me laugh.

One & done: no chemistry. Didn’t appear to enjoy herself. She was boring. I felt I was boring to her. Interruption with “I don’t do that” a lot

Some may think just being a sw is an excuse to be raunchy or disrespectful..
Some dont understand there is an etiquette to it .

seems its wide spread Concessis amongst ladies that "respect,and hygiene" are MAJOR factors to repeat..😁

Repeat visit - being respectful , patient and genuinely interested in the session

One & done - being rude, bossy or aggressive, body odor


Repeat: rates don’t exceed level of service; “level of service” includes ability and desire to make natural conversation, ability to take or follow the lead on transitioning to sexy time, freakiness and uninhibitedness on a par with or exceeding what I otherwise have access to without paying for directly (e.g you have to be AT LEAST as good in bed as my civvie lovers are). This last point is most important, since I’m single, ethically non-monogamous, and actively dating

Hopefully theyre honest and tell me when I ask during screening lol. I usually ask for any board handles. I feel like I should now preface with " I welcome testimonials for my website only" because being reviewed without them asking me first sucks. Especially when people are out here claiming I dont look close to my photos when I do 😤...sorry im still annoyed by that 🤣🤣

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