You really need to dig deeper to be sure the talent is legit - especially if they are requesting a deposit. (TO BE CLEAR - LEGIT TALENT OFTEN REQUIRES A DEPOSIT - but so do deposit scammers.) It used to be enough to see an abundance of reviews, but with technological advancements is has become possible to spoof not one but hundreds of profiles on either side of the fence and have them post reviews too and there are at least a handful of criminals doing this.


So how do you tell the difference?

Look for an abundance of pix and in different settings. Just a few pix, especially all in the same location and featuring nothing identifiable - like they are just standing in the corner - is a bad sign.

Their reviews should be mostly from users who joined the site BEFORE the talent joined, not after, and you should check to see if the reviewers have reviewed anyone who is for sure legit.



Most suitors do not write reviews, so a ton of reviews in only a year or two is also a bad sign especially if they are all from users who joined the site after or at about the same time as the talent in question.

They also tend to have other things in common, like they only communicate by text, do not have any online photo forum of their own where they sell pix/clips or do live shows and often (but not always) feature "too good to be true" looking models.

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I know discretion is a big concern but if you can learn to wipe your browser history (a good enough precaution for the vast majority of people) your best bet is to google the talent's number and email. It should come up in a LOT of least 3 or 4. If is only comes up on PD and/or Escortbook this is a bad sign and you should be suspicious if not moving on. Those two platforms are often used by the criminals spoofing accounts to scam for deposits or lead you to porn or cam sites instead.

@DanielleSquirts Wow Danielle! Love that pic! The blue just accentuates your eyes and face. So nice!

Good advice too! 💙

@mrhatz well stay tuned, i have a ton more from that shoot and several other shoots i have yet to get a chance to go though. I had a massive automobile accident a few months ago. I got skull bashed by the moon roof collapsing when the car rolled. I have been a lil obsessed with taking pix ever since because i don't look right, at least not to myself. The win/take away is it will eventually result in my posting a bunch of new pix from late 2020. I even have some with double shiners. Heh.

Another red flag is the number of reviews contributed to the reviewers. Even the most copious of suitors only see an escort every couple of months, avg 6 times a year. (This will vary depending on rate - those charging/spending less will have/write more reviews.) So if every one of their reviewers has many reviews credited to them in only a year or two, they are ALL fake...the talent, the reviewers and all other talent they reviewed. The problem is systemic spoofing, not one fake profile.

Yet another red flag - i have noticed the spoofed profiles tend to have extra letters or numbers attached to their profile Daniellee98 and so do the spoofed reviewers. I am assuming this is due to the AI creating them.

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