I could kill whoever the hell made up this quick visit and short stay bullshit ! Sorry guys nothing quick about a meeting with me unless you pay me to be fast ! πŸ˜‚ πŸ€‘ 😘

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@DaniellaTheStar QVs are okay in certain scenarios but your point is well noted. Two instances I'll ask for a QV: 1) unable to get in touch with someone I already know and would prefer to see again, or 2) I just need a little help and may not want to see her again.

@eo1983eo I get it ... I just don't like the thought of a client wanting to tear down my donation and use the quick visit or short stay factor. I know I am not for every man's budget or taste but trying to be slick makes me angry

@DaniellaTheStar You're right, someone requesting something different than what's offered, then trying to devalue you is NOT okay.

@DaniellaTheStar I've never understood why a man would want a "quick visit" with a lady in this world. In my mind, this is supposed to be about finding real pleasure and bliss. I for one can't do that in 15 minutes.

Personally I even considered an hour to be a quick stay. I dunno, personally I like connecting with my provider before "connecting" with my provider....

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