Sexual women are stigmatized because sex is supposed to be an asset of marriage -- the property of men. Sex work is criminalized legally as theft.

But they'll make it about shame and morality because that's an easy way to control people without force.

This Uber is playing gospel music. 3 stars.

@bklyn they make up for their outdated ideologies by being generous ( in more ways than one 😉), real gentlemen ( respecting my boundaries and time and never asking for a discount), and they don't get their panties in a bunch by getting triggered over a woman's preference.

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👠 Hello from LAS VEGAS 👠

ME ....
& OR
My Blonde Girlfriend



702 292 7104

Conservative men > liberal men. I swear conservative men know how to touch me better.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads on here who take their jobs as fathers seriously. You may not realize it, but your kids are always watching, and they notice everything you do for them ❤️

Laughing @ men who ask me to lower my prices.

If you don’t want to give me what I want, why would I give you what you want?

I told my mom I swung my handbag at a male's face and she had the nerve to say "you can't do that" as if I couldn't recall an incident with her, my dad, and a frying pan during my childhood.

Should've been a better example, lady.

Here's my ad if you ever want to be alone in a room with me:

If you're a new client to me and try to book an appointment with me through a phone call or text message instead of emailing me as my ad asks, I will never see you.

Men who lack reading comprehension are just not fuckable.

I love it when men sound like dying caribous when they cum. It makes me feel like I did something very right.

can my thighs pls just make like my mom and dad and fucking separate

Happy Thanksgiving! I'm thankful for my ass being as big as the sun.

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Who let me have both commitment issues AND abandonment issues... Worst combination ever.

Only thing men are good for is carrying heavy shit and being a human shield to protect women and children. That's it. That's all.

Marriage ends in heartbreak too, Emily. I would know. I've been the cause of a few lol

The wind just blew my dress up but I didn't care because my booty is moisturized. To the public that caught the glimpse? You're welcome. Cherish that.

I can only confidently guarantee that the provider you end up making tender love to (lol) will shower longer than she usually does after your 5 shameful minutes of disappointing her.

My mom begged me to dump my ex cuz she said he’d give her ugly grandkids. “You’re not thinking of marrying him, are you? Our genes can only take a baby so far.” Direct quote.

I’m confused when unattractive, boring, and/or awkwardly shy people feel entitled to people’s time and attention when they aren’t bringing conversational or aesthetic energy, or $$$ to their interactions.

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