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My Motto

I would rather be hated for who I am, then to be loved for who I am not!

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@phoenixx @SexyHotFriend I’ve found my voice again but my golden rules
1 Be Respectful
2 Diversity is our Strength
3 Always show Love and Caring for everyone

Ok so as an ex client of some fabulous ladies , guys remember a small chat is time, time is valuable to these ladies. Remember you shower and take maybe 20-30 mins to get ready these ladies take hrs to get themselves to the point they need to be at for us clients. Pas don’t waist there time if you have no intention of booking them. If you do use some of there time compensate your provider because like I said time is precious

Good Afternoon ladies how is everyone today

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend !

My father is off back to England after a great month. How is everyone doing

Hope everyone is having a fabulous day today xoxo

I need help what is the website you can use to find pictures

Well it’s official I have to wear reading glasses 😱 I’m old lol

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