Olita has not been to NH in a while. Lori toured a few weeks ago. She visited Portsmouth and Nashua. I met with her in both places. Hoping to see the other girls back again soon. Maybe they are facing travel restrictions due to Covid?

Was in Manchester NH on business yesterday and decided to check out the Gold Club in Bedford. Went in around 330pm. There were at least 10 customers inside but no girls on stage. I had a beer and looked around. The place looks the same as it did years ago. 15 min later still no girls on stage. Had to get back to work. Bye.

I've had this fantasy since High School. Have been making it happen with a few ladies the last 5 years or so.

Just had my dick sucked for a solid hour.

Then went across the street to Hooters for 2 tall beers and a BBQ western burger.
Not a bad evening.

Found a great agency.

I plan to meet with all their girls as they visit my location one by one.
So far I've seen Francella (8)
and Elisa (9)
Eagerly awaiting the others.

I went to Electric Blue again last week. Had a great time...although my memory gets a little fuzzier after each beer.

They close at 930pm now due to Covid. They are doing the best they can with the state restrictions due to Covid.

Found a new agency: olitaescort.com

I had good luck with Francella a few days ago. Very impressed with the agency. I plan to check out all of their girls as they visit my area.

Fantasy request:

Looking for a woman willing to drink a whole can of sweetened/condensed milk just before deepthroating me. I don't mind if things get messy. Willing to take it slow with as many breaks as you need.

I understand this request may take some time to be filled...if ever. I'm a patient guy.

Seeking slender woman with oral skills. I have my favorites, but always looking for the rare girl who can do this:

If you are in Boston and willing and able to do this, feel free to email me your information.

I called Electric Blue Cafe in Sept to see if they were open. They were open so I went. The lapdance room was closed due to Covid. They have not found a new business model to replace lapdances. Girls are offering 15 minutes in a VIP room at a price that does not interest me. Not a lot of guys waiting in line...that I can see.

I did enjoy a few massages offered by Kim

Oh well, at least the beer is cold and the food is excellent.

On Aug 29 I was in Worcester for business. Called Centerfolds to see if they were open and they were...so I went. Masks required until you buy a drink. I went two or three times before they shut down again due to Covid. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

I dropped off of Switter when TER came back up. Now I'm back for another look. Nearly all strip clubs are closed due to Covid. I did not meet with anyone Jan-June 2020. Stayed home avoiding Covid. Have seen 4 escorts since. I figure meeting one-on-one is safer than going to the grocery store.

TER is back! Reviews are back! Regional Ad boards are back on TER 👍

Met with Tyra again last week.

I simply cannot say no when she visits the Boston area, especially when she comes to my favorite location.

Met with Tyra again today. Excellent service as always.

I am slowing down with my hobbying, but cannot say no when Tyra comes to visit the Boston area.

Enjoyed an hour with Tyra this morning. Have seen her many times over the years. She knows my favorite location and stayed there last night, so I could not say no to her last minute invitation.

Had a fantastic time. Amazing throat skills. I could not ask for better.

So happy she lets me know whenever she visits the Boston area.

Her www is blocked by the local internet where I am now, ha ha.

Will post link to ad some other time

Relaxing day today. Went to the Cabaret this afternoon. Nice girls: Ashely, Anita the new Brazilian, Rose the flexible spinner, Jade (who is Irish not Asian) and Conny. Bartender Bobbi is as hot as any dancer...in fact she used to be a dancer.

Enjoyed the show, had a few beers, and on my way.

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