TER is back! Reviews are back! Regional Ad boards are back on TER πŸ‘

Met with Tyra again last week.

I simply cannot say no when she visits the Boston area, especially when she comes to my favorite location.

Met with Tyra again today. Excellent service as always.

I am slowing down with my hobbying, but cannot say no when Tyra comes to visit the Boston area.

Enjoyed an hour with Tyra this morning. Have seen her many times over the years. She knows my favorite location and stayed there last night, so I could not say no to her last minute invitation.

Had a fantastic time. Amazing throat skills. I could not ask for better.

So happy she lets me know whenever she visits the Boston area.

Her www is blocked by the local internet where I am now, ha ha.

Will post link to ad some other time

Relaxing day today. Went to the Cabaret this afternoon. Nice girls: Ashely, Anita the new Brazilian, Rose the flexible spinner, Jade (who is Irish not Asian) and Conny. Bartender Bobbi is as hot as any dancer...in fact she used to be a dancer.

Enjoyed the show, had a few beers, and on my way.

Went to CT this morning. Stopped at Electric Blue Cafe on my way home. Had a great time. Recognized some girls from last month's visit. Jessica was not there, but had several dances with Elana. She took good care of me.

Celina found me at the end of the day. She was the one that finished me off last time, and did the same today. Did not remember her name last time, but I sure did today. πŸ˜€ 😜 😍 πŸ˜€

Hope all is well with you. I have a technical question and hoping you can help. Can I delete a "boost" from my Switter?

You seem to be a tech savvy guy and hoping you might know if it is possible.

Things have been slow for me in hobbyland. I only meet with girls or agencies I knew pre-FOSTA

Thank you.

Holy guacomole!!!
I wanted to block someone and boosted by accident. OMG I hope that post does not show on my page. Not sure if deleting a boost is possible. I did block afterward. Hope that makes the boost vanish 😳 😑 πŸ˜’ 😫

Browsing P411 this morning. Over 100 girls to choose from in the Boston area πŸ™‚ which does include touring girls visiting.

P411 is scam-free. I recognize most of the girls from TER and have seen many of them already. Since FOSTA I have met only one new girl [except thru an Agency I find "tried and true"] and she was listed in P411.

Not so many girls doing incall in my local area anymore. End result is I end up seeing those who do.

That's my status...one year into FOSTA/SESTA.

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Stroking your dick well....I suck… I lick only the tip just to tease.. In and out in and out edging you closer. Feeling your dick throbbing in my mouth. In and out sucking harder plunging you in deeper. Not hesitating not holding back. Enjoying the feel of it in my throat. 9514011009

Went to Worcester yesterday but my favorite was not at Lamplighter II so I went down the road 1/4 mile to Centerfolds. That exotic spinner I met last time was there again and she took good care of me.

Then again strip clubs in MA are such a waste of time compared to FL or SC...where I have spent many evenings.

Will stop in a MA club if I am in the area and will check things out. But better to just plan more trips to FL and have my fun there.

Clubs in MA going downhill, not improving. Sad.

Made it to Lamplighter II. Naomi was there so I was happy. Had a few beers, several dances, and left a happy man.

Also checked out Centerfolds, just down the street. Had trouble staying awake but had a few dances from an exotic spinner and a tall blonde. Did not remember their names. I was lucky to know my own name. Definitely need to return and not drink as much so I can stay awake.

Have the day off today. Was planning on going out to Worcester. Found an invitation in my email last night to meet with Kassidy at a location that was on the way. Had sucn a good time with her two months ago I could not decline. Her skills of hand and mouth are the best.

Had such a good time and so relaxed I had to take a nap. Back on the road to Worcester now. Ha ha!!

Look forward to seeing her again soon as she has plans to visit Northern MA.

So after 3 days in Dayton I don't think I've seen enough to be able to pick the "best" place in Dayton yet. I do think I have seen enough of Dayton clubs to say I am better off clubbing in Columbus if I have the choice on any given evening.

The best pole dancer was this hot young girl who also sat next to me for a while. She told me she just turned 21. Very little conversation after that. She sat there eating a bag of potato chips with one hand and doing her phone in her other hand. She walked away with no talk of doing a lap dance. I just called her "potato chip girl" from that point on. I did want a lapdance from her but she never came back.

Had a good evening overall. Stage dancing is good, lap dances are full contact.

The club was open.
I went in thinking the club had been open a few hours and should be lively by now. Not busy, but not uncomfortable. The club is not upscale, nor is it a dive...kind of a happy middle...just right for me.

Sat at the bar and wa joined by Phoenix who made me feel welcome. Had 3 dances with her. Also had 3 dances with Karmen. No complaints about either.

I like pole dancing and all the girls here swing around the poles to some degree.

Explored south of Dayton yesterday. There are two clubs fairly close to each other: Cheeks and Alicia's. They are both supposed to open 4pm. Alicia's was locked with no cars in the lot. There was also a banner across the front indicating a name change to "Pizzaz" so I gave up on that place. Drove by Cheeks and it looked a lot better than the clubs downtown. Drove a little farther south to NY New York.


Supposed to be open at 1pm so I went in.

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