Haven't had one of those in a while who's offering to be that lucky lady..

When ever it's raining and wet outside I crave a mouth to test the wetness and enjoy the view.

I need a queen who's ready on the fly to always be on her knees and ready to suck my soul. No rules when it comes to that holy mouth. Open wide and let me enter your kingdom

Right about now I could use a nice warm wet moist mouth between my legs, it's cold and freezing need to defrost those jewels.

Today I can use a mouth to quench my hunger, he's been a bad boy. Where my submissive throat ladyes at in Manhattan

In need of a mouth to use and abuse. I need a submissive lady who can let me use her mouth as I please. I need to load unload in her and all over her face. Who's willing to give me the time of their mouth..

Morning wood is the best wood when it comes to lubbing that mouth and throat. Waking up to a good girl on her knees ready for deposit is man everyday breakfast dream.

Walking in time square, seeing all those pretty lady with ass for days and tits that can kill a man. But all I can think of is laying her down and stuffing her throat till I fill her stomach with love. I need a throat to milk my D, have her foam from the side of her mouth as I hold her down and slide it. My balls lay on her forhead and she playing with her cli5.

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