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Yes help to get my Camaro fixed and such would be amazing.
Cash app :

Google pay :


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Sorry I have not been on in a while... I hope everyone is doing well... To all my lovely companion friends be safe and stay the shining 🌟 you are. To my gentlemen friends each of you have and always will be in my heart and thoughts...

Yes it is true I have retired with the exception of seeing longtime friends every so often. I am seeking an SD/SB arrangement in Denver where I have moved back temporarily for work.

I am in need of a 200.00 loan till my payday next Thursday with my son being in the hospital I've had some unexpected exspences.

Unimpressed with a site called flirt sending text messages to us ladies as if we want to pay to see another lady's parts

We are doing a benift cruse tonight for one of our car club members taken far to soon by a texting driver.
All donations to my cash app account in the next 48hrs will go to his family.

I am being asked what it will take for me to be a full time touring companion again. My answer full time respect unfortunately far to many established friends made choices that had a snowballing negative impact on my life and I had wanted to believe in all my established gentlemen friends.

For my birthday I was gifted a cold oddly enough it's happened every year since my 21st lol.
I have been asked and for me Amazon gift cards would be amazing simple enough as well to send. Thank you in advice.

I received my 1st birthday gift today from a long time friend. I'm not sure why the red photographed pink however.

Five feet apart.. A movie you might see
For me it's not a block buster it's reality I have watched helpless as my son has battled with Cystic Fibrosis for almost 21 years. I don't know that I can sit and watch the movie all I can say is hopefully people can see what it's like.

Well my secret is out lol
Yes it is true I'll be turning 45 March 12th... No I'm not ashamed to admit my actual age and have been told I don't look it and sure don't act it

Please forgive me for not being on in awhile. I took a much needed break and time for myself....

We have cancelled our trip to TX. My son's health always comes 1st

Get it Girl!!!👑


Just got a nice tribute on . Call me at 1-800-To-Flirt, ext: 11790192 to see why.

Looking for an SD who knows how to take care of a mature lady.

A new member has just joined the Tryst family! 🎉 You can now find Phoenix's at

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