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Seeking pleasure & relaxation?

I'm Crystal & avail M-F in & every Sat thru end of Dec in 🌷

View my 100% Verified photos 🌹 on

Oakland & San Jose, CA, USA 🌐

You will enjoy a deeper nurturing connection as many pleasure zones awaken! 🌷

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Corona's getting worse all over worldwide.
Stay safe everyone. stay at home.

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I'm DianneRN Holistic Professional & Love Coach Empowering Business Owners & Professional Men to DeStress ReEnergize Restore Love & Intimacy into their Lives


I work online & in person with men .
Let's get you back on track!

Location: Ohio
Contact: 330-776-8144

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Wishing all you gorgeous Mamas out there a joyous and blissful day! πŸ’œπŸ₯°β€ I love you!


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What are you doing during your quarantined time? Share your ideas πŸ€—


🌷 Rest. Take naps. Sit mindless.
🌷 Color. Paint. Draw.
🌷 Teach your animals new tricks.
🌷 Check on people. Maybe even call them πŸ‘€
🌷 Read some books you have put off or binge those shows you've wondered about.
🌷 Masturbate.
🌷 Get creative in your kitchen.
🌷 Been putting off organizing/cleaning something? Why not?
🌷 Talk to yourself. Play with sticks outside with your imaginary friends.


πŸ₯‚ 🌷 πŸ₯‚ 🌷

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It's time to turn it over to WOMEN!
Thanks for your support Lenny

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Hope everyone is doing ok πŸ™‚
Hang in there during these difficult times πŸ™β€πŸ₯°

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I am available now in San Francisco, California, United States! To contact me, visit

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Happy Friday my Switterloves πŸ₯°

Have a most fantabulous day πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ€—

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A little note I saw elsewhere today that resonated:

"If you're helping someone and expecting something in return, you're doing business, not kindness."

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Okay, so this made me legit laugh out loud. πŸ˜‚

Stay safe, y'all. A healthy laugh or three goes a long way in the uncertain times we live in.

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If everything around you seems dark.
look again.
may be you are the LIGHT.


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