It’s been so long when this travel ban is over, my appointment is going to last like 30 seconds 😝😜

Landed in and there was a message telling me no more travel until May. Looks like this is my last trip 😪 but couldn’t have asked for a better place to end it 😎

Lots of ladies to choose from, making it harder & harder to narrow down (pun intended).

Enticement Summary:
- verified safe, sane, & trustworthy, since 2009
- only 5 star reviews
- require 2 verified refs for my safety & yours (sting ops don't screen)
- immaculate Scottsdale location with amenities or travel
- selective, lo-vol, & discreet
- professional public attire & etiquette
- humorous, attentive, sensual, grateful, adventurous



Happy Saturday fellow switter followers and fans!!
🤦 Still trying to get the hang of this...smh..
But...Wishing all an awesome weekend!🙋

So what’s a good app since they stopped Tootdon?

@Cptjohns thank you! Too many co workers this visit so I scheduled one by myself 😎

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Just came off a week of holiday, checking my schedule, crap..I fly out for work today...good news is, it’s 😎

Happy Mother's Day to all the SwitterMoms out there!

Hope everyone is having a great Sunday. Off to tomorrow

Time to start traveling again, off to for a couple days

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