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Hello gents! πŸ’‹ I have availability this upcoming week! Pre-booking is required. Let’s get acquainted? πŸ’«

Jan 25th: 5pm and on
Jan 26th: 2pm and on
Jan 27th: All day!

RT for a RT πŸ’ž

πŸ“ Downtown San Francisco

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When @CourtesanB comes into you teach her how to rock climb, take her to a Tartine for bread and buratta, and take her to her first Michelin Star with wine pairing (14 courses). 🀀 Did I do San Francisco well?

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Just finished up my (FIRST!) photoshoot with @Inamorata_photo (find her on Twitter) in the most adorable apartment in SF. I cannot wait to show you guys. She’s an incredible photographer with the brightest personality. 😍

Spent time with @mynataliejean in this weekend. So many firsts, from climbing to a Michelin ⭐ dinner. She definitely knows how to show a girl a good time.

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Extended my Houston stay until Saturday. I would love to get acquainted with a lovely Houston gentleman & start a wonderful friendshipπŸ’•


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Here's a bonus toot while waiting for details on what caused our @pinupparamour account to be suspended 😒 ... and because we had some incorrect hashtags on the first too 😜

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"Get a real job"

Just one? That'd be nice. Currently I am a:

Content creator
Web designer
Web Admin
Audio Engineer
Video Editor
Social Media Manager
Event planner
Sales person
and a sex worker.

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@Zep @WelshmanSac @Lovelycrystal @BethanyBell @Drk_Knight81 @alex @lowmoralfiber @scott87 @Cossetan @Benito69 @marks3432 @Gr8guy @DirkHooper @FullBloodedItalian43 @Wakanda2020 @Mr_Justin_Credible @NealB4me @Satyr4Nymph @Throbbstark @TwoStooges2 @islandgent_713 @easymorning @acfrio

If a lady clearly enjoys interacting with others and I'm interested, I will try to develop a rapport. The ladies who enjoy putting their personalities on display know each toot/boost is a marketing opportunity.

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I just wanted to take a step back and say THANK YOU to the wonderful gentlemen who I am lucky to call my friends. I hate the term "client" because you guys are more than that to me. I have developed so many unique and beautiful friendships with people I have met in this industry, and you guys are great!! So, thank you for everything, my life has been changed for the better in every way so thank you all for the love and support!!

Boost this if y'all have AWESOME clients, too!❀️

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Any houston makeup artist in here?
Massage therapists?
Nail technician?

Please DM me!

Real inquiries!!

Happy humpday my friends!

Why not make your week even better by spending some time with me ❀

Boost & Follow ❀❀❀

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A new member has just joined the Tryst family! πŸŽ‰ You can now find San Francisco's at

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We have a surprise for you clients πŸ˜‰ In platform messaging and client accounts are now live in Beta! Check it out and let us know what you think! We'd love to hear from you

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I get a lot of DMs from sweet gentlemen with cute compliments. I know you think it can be embarrassing to say publicly or are shy but just letting you know it is 2019 and this is Switterfam so it's okay 😍❀ if someone is going to act ridiculous about it this is what we do now πŸ–• πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜ thank you for the sweet messages either way ☺

Who wants to stay in bed and curl up with me? This Texas girl isn't liking this cold weather.

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