Ahhh I am so excited my website is done!!!!!

Check it out at! You can learn all about me and how to book with me.

I'm still a bit new here so a boost would be lovely ❤

@CourtesanB also, the site is working for me and looks good but this post does not link...gotta type out the whole url.

@CourtesanB ug...that one links but it cut off the http so you could not see how i typed it.

Type the entire url starting with http...this site is not exactly idiot proof...there are a lot of things that take some getting used to...there is also no edit function, so you can either let it ride and type a new post or delete it and start again.

@DanielleSquirts thank you!!!!

I'm still learning how everything here works! 😂

Nicely done...I was able to peruse your site from both the link in this ad and the link on your profile.

@islandgent_713 Thank you so much 😘

It was definitely an experience putting it all together!

Congrats and well done luv. I did like the attention to detail, and the presentation is quite elegant.


Backlinks (your own social media)

URL submission.




I'm a little confused on what you're trying to tell me 🤔

Help a girl out????


Some advertising stuff to look into, to maximise your returns on the website investment...

And if you already have, for anyone else new that might be looking.


Ah thank you so much!!!! I'll look into all of it!

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