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A guy named billy asked if he could buy me a drink and when I asked if “billy” was short for “billiard” HE STRAIGHT UP WALKED AWAY ladies I have cracked the code

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me logging onto twitter knowing damn well that no one cares about me or my tweets or what i have to say and all of my mutuals hate me.

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This is not cute, chile. This is future workplace harassment or gender essentialism shaping career paths and power dynamics.

Please just let kids play without forcing adult doo doo ass beliefs on them.😭 twitter.com/themedicalshots/st

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Ok so here we’ve got a bunch of cis men and three cis women teaming up to dramatize the trope of “traps” tricking straight men into sleeping with fake women. A porn studio is literally profiting off of the trans/gay panic narrative. This shit gets trans women murdered. Fuck you. twitter.com/men/status/1104133

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You cheated on her and sat in HER car and wanna act like she’s the problem. I stg the only thing men thrive at is having “the audacity.” Broke boy. twitter.com/mikeruga/status/11

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White Lady: *climbs over fence to get a selfie*
Jaguar *remembering Harambe*:

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@DesireeAlliance@twitter.activitypub.actor And strangely, in most places, there is no law to make it illegal for a cop to have sex on duty.

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@johnjag1001@twitter.activitypub.actor @DesireeAlliance@twitter.activitypub.actor Especially when they park next to a wall

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Working class = White working class

Moderate/centrist = Traditional Republican

Socialist = Traditional Democrat

Far left = Progressive policies with majority support: universal healthcare, debt-free college, climate action, gun sense, economic justice...

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9. In the attorney general race, Kamala Harris refused to back marijuana legalization. Her GOP opponent did. huffingtonpost.com/2014/08/05/

When asked about that, Harris laughed at the reporter

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8. While Kamala Harris boasts about smoking marijuana in college, she jailed 1,650 people for marijuana-related offenses between 2011 and 2016 freebeacon.com/politics/kamala

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Since my @Copmala@twitter.com account was suspended for detailing Kamala Harris’s criminal justice record, I’ll do another one below.

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Something I haven't done in awhile was keyword "Sex Trafficking". JFC, my eyes burn!

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Of fucking course I will tolerate your ass longer if you're payment is right

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Honestly I'd say its more work CONVINCING the dude you want to be there the less you make

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She doesn't want your dick more cuz she is rich lemme tell you something

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Sex work is work for the 500 an hour woman just as much as someone charging 150

Y'all won't see a sex worker in need cuz apparently youre allergic to sex work being work

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