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me logging onto twitter knowing damn well that no one cares about me or my tweets or what i have to say and all of my mutuals hate me.

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White Lady: *climbs over fence to get a selfie*
Jaguar *remembering Harambe*:

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9. In the attorney general race, Kamala Harris refused to back marijuana legalization. Her GOP opponent did. huffingtonpost.com/2014/08/05/

When asked about that, Harris laughed at the reporter

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This white woman said she isn’t privileged cause she see’s homeless people.


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@BlitheVelour@twitter.com Oh you’re one of THESE white women. Now it makes sense. Lmfao you be blessed.

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So my friend’s vet has a comfort-dog assistant that helps sick patients know that everything will be alright and this is really all you need to see today ❤️🐾

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I hate when people talk about sex work using derogatory terms

Sell their bodies
Have things put in their orifices

Yeah, obviously it’s disrespectful. But it’s also creepy as hell.

The antis describe sexual services the way the lotion in the basket guy describes moisturizer

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The shooting of a sex worker isn't fucking funny

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No sponsors this week but we still did some free promotion for @Pringles@twitter.com on tonight's Weekly Weird News, dropping within the next hour or so

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Cultural identity, bullying, systemic racism, policce brutality and income disparities are among the compelling topics these @dcpublicschools@twitter.com 6ths graders are speaking about. Let’s head their calls to action!

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I owned his soul well before this, but a year ago we put it in writing and he signed with his own dickblood. ❤️

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Yesterday our co-director and favorite intern sat down and made some major head way on the SWOPLA cultural competency training, and here's a snippet of our slide show.

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This time a year ago, I was bartending while running a long-shot campaign for Congress.

That time felt so dark and yet so hopeful at the same time. Our odds were dismal + I was dismissed, but we felt that fighting hard for what’s right - even uphill - was worth it.

Keep going.

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Haven't gotten any presents this year. Who wants to send me a little something? Email for details :)

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