“Turning desperate men into my toilet is the most hilarious thing I've ever done. To laugh uncontrollably, to smile with pride, to have an outlet for my deviant creativity.”
—Holy Queen Muse @LavishQueenMuse

Your servitude will never quite be perfect. It’s the nature of life itself, nothing ever is. It’s your devotion and efforts that are noted. It’s called slave training for a reason.
—Holy Queen Muse @LavishQueenMuse

Always so grateful to be at the holy feet of Her Royal British Highness, Queen Muse. @LavishQueenMuse

“Intoxicated by the the smell of my day, your idea of intimacy is defined by your pathetic life of denial. Now beg for my dirty socks.”
—Holy Queen Muse @LavishQueenMuse

"Rights? You have none. The moment you entered my world, I stripped every last right you ever had. Now you're just a mindless drone who lives to please me, whenever, however, I desire."
—Holy Queen Muse @LavishQueenMuse

“You’re not a man, you’re a tool. You live to work for my luxury, while you live in poverty.
It's called true British reign and you love it.”👑
—Holy Queen Muse @LavishQueenMuse

You were born to celebrate my existence, praying to my divinity and sacrificing all that you can just to be in the presence of my magnificence. It’s your life's purpose.
—Holy Queen Muse @LavishQueenMuse

“Inside every woman is a bad ass bitch ready to play you like a puppet, deny your dumb dick and make better use of your wallet.”
—Holy Queen Muse

Searching for total-control lifetime slavery and fanatical cultish worship of a British Goddess? We got that.
—CinderFella, real life slave @LavishQueenMuse

“How badly do you want me to get inside your mind and fuck it? ... Pretty bad I think.”
—Queen Muse @LavishQueenMuse

Trust is the foundation of any healthy relationship, especially D/s.

Only when there is real trust can the full depths of submission be experienced. Without trust, the richness of depth is simply off the table.
-Holy Queen Muse

❤️ Real Japanese GFE ❤️

Upscale Incall in San Diego

30 mins/ $400
1 hour/ $500
1.5 hours/ $600
2 hours/ $700

☎️ (310) 469-9856
💌 TheTiaraVIP@protonmail.com

Ebony Findom seeking loyal white betas to serve
Dms are open

Hey my loves!💕

I'm Kylie, Sweet, seductive, a woman of my word but firm on my boundaries..

Petite blonde, Soft to the touch skin, and bright blue eyes. Personal hygiene is very important to me as it must be to you in order to arrange something with me.💕


Location: Manhattan, New York
Contact: 6467968689

💕Twitter: queenkylieadore
✨Manyvids.com: kbabyy
👻Snapchat: kyliesnowbby
◾️Tnaboard.com: kbabyy
📸Instagram: queenkylieadore
ONLY!❤️‼️Ask About My Content For Sale 💦

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