So I noticed a lot of new ladies and they are boosting me. I appreciate the love. Due to past experiences I will boost you back when you have been on here for a while. In the past I would boost ladies and they would rip off my kind gentleman or flat out rob them. I will encourage you to keep at it and you will be successful.

I don't mind fingering y'alls assholes but when I put my finger in and its greeted by a dehydrated turd that's pushing me back out I get a lil grossed out! First of all drink more water then take a poop before you come by!

I got a romper but I'm so tall I have a huge cameltoe lmao

Going to a nude beach in San Francisco soon! By myself so I can tan my white ass!!!

@Chloeblue420 That's funny you say that...I had almost the exact same conversation with someone the other day. I was saying I am very trusting and believe people are good until they prove me wrong.

Walking my dog last night in orange county n this cracked out street walker walks up to us then starts saying can u get your dogs away from me I'm scared of dogs. I said bitch if u don't stfu u will be waking up on the sidewalk don't fuck with my dogs!!!

@Chloeblue420 Eugene is really nice. That's the place I told you about a long time ago I'd like to just drop everything and move there and forget life

Going to Denver Tuesday! I had fun in california it wasn't all bad I just couldn't find that sweet spot I wanna stay in! I'll be back once everything from coronavirus is done with but it isn't like I remember from last time!

@Chloeblue420 yeah the expense and that nutty governor in Cali that shut everything down and wouldn't let it reopen pissed every business off

Will show up with no money tons of reports on him!! Anaheim ca

Made it back to orange county! Going to try it again idk what's up with California having unsafe hotels

$22 for brunch that idk if I can even eat now 😩 anxiety has been so awful this whole trip

I am available now in Houston, Texas, United States! To contact me, visit
Text or call 3463691054

I wrote this while I was having my last fun time today as u can tell what I was doing 😂 and its snowing in denver!

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