Wishing you were here to play with... *sigh* I guess I'll just play with myself instead...🙃

Don't be fooled by my girl-next-door features and sweet smile; I am devilishly skilled and I aim to please 😉

Let me be your new fixation.

- Chloe Quinn xo

Location: SF Bay Area (incall in Emeryville)
Contact: ChloeQ.com

Okay I'm going to clear something up. "Tranny" is a slur, it is akin to Ni**er, S*ick, etc. It is derogatory. Pure and simple. It is used widely in the sex industry for the simple reason that it is dehumanizing, and it reduces transgender sex workers to objects. Yeah it's good money. But it shouldn't come at the price of our dignity and self-respect. Same goes for "shemale", "t-girl" is more nebulous but it all leads back to dehumanization. Trans woman, trans girl, or trans person are acceptable

**How do I find people?**

We are working on a better way to find your favorite providers and clients but in the meantime here are so ways to find people.


Search bar: Type in your providers name and hit enter


Rotate your phone to horizontal and use the search bar


Download Amaroq for iOS or Tusky for Android and use the search function

A PSA for : Getting ghosted for us can be frustrating and inconvenient, but ghosting a provider can mean the difference between her being able to pay rent or getting evicted. If you're not sure you can make a booked appointment, don't book in the first place.

ATT SW's: Now it is more important than ever before, PARTICULARLY in this industry, to hold onto your right to privacy and be informed. This guide to becoming as anonymous as possible online will take you literally 10 minutes to complete but it is worth it. Even if you are to just read how your data is used...


PLS BOOST - this will help people looking for more anonymous ways of working on the web. 💕💕

I had a client cancel today & he ended up paying for the session anyway. With SESTA, it’s easy to lose faith in humanity, but then I remember that we are surrounded by good people. People who care. People who want to give & receive love. These are dark times & more than ever we gotta show up for each other. Thanks to all the clients who respect what we do & value our time & services. And shout out to my fellow sex workers who won’t let the oppressors win. Let’s not leave anyone behind.

If we want to take the sex industry forward, then we need to leave behind the hobbyist mentality that spoke about SWs as though they were commodities and pressured SWs into performing services that put them at increased health risk. The future of the sex industry is one where the rights of sex workers are central: we deserve respect as well as the right to a safe work environment.

Just booked my trip to ! I still have some availability May 6/7th if you’d like to do some sinning with me while I’m in the city 😈

Please send email inquires to MissIvyQuill@ProtonMail.ch

Please don't contact me if giving me a provider reference is too long of a screening process for you. 🙃

My safety is very important to me.

PSA: Just because someone says their company is safe from SESTA/FOSTA and the Cloud ACT, it doesn't mean that they are.

ALWAYS do your own due diligence to check who, where and what is running the services you use.

Here's a few tools to help:
- whois.com
- dnstrails.com
- dnsstuff.com
- ssllabs.com


Providers do everything in their power to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to ensure that not only they themselves are safe, but to keep their clients safe as well. We, as clients should not take a back seat but should instead take initiative. Get yourself regurlarly tested. 😊 👍🏾


Switter has created an awesome for !!! Come & join!! Sign up with your switter credentials and get VERIFIED after following firm instructions on how to do so! xo💋


We're currently seeking more people (female, cis and trans, and non binary) to model for Black Swan Productions, an SF Bay Area queer sex worker- ran collective that produces activist porn based on erotic art and the empowerment of marginalized people. Email me at valeriepaige@protonmail.com

Hi! It's Liara Roux! You might know me from my porns or maybe even my public advocacy! Check me out at liararoux.com, liararoux.xxx, and aboutliara.com.

I'm visiting San Francisco until the 27th, come catch me! I specialize in longer engagements, so let's plan a day or two together!


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Currently Touring: San Francisco, CA.
Usually: NYC
Contact: liara.roux@protonmail.ch

Hey there! This is Anna Alba, a sophisticated and adventurer companion based in Barcelona and a frequent visitor in NYC and London. If you are lookinf for a petite pale beauty with a wicked smile, bright green eyes and a fine sense of humor... Look no further, I'm your dream come true!

Location: Barcelona, Spain
Contact: annaalba@protonmail.ch, annaalbaescort.com/home

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