Hey guys when contacting me please let me know how you found me. Switter or Twitter and what your username/handle is on that platform please 💖

Secondly if you have an issue with screening - DO NOT CONTACT ME!

Switter was so good back in April! What happened?! Real clients! Where are you loves?


@Chicagocharlizeangel they stopped allowing new clients to join Switter and have no intention of opening up signups for them any time soon.

It has killed business big time and it’s really upsetting.

It’s a cash grab to make us *have* to pay for their tryst ads


@ErinBarnes Sadly Im thinking Twitter is where theyre all migrating to now.. It was not like this before!

Ive had 2 guys contact me from Switter and just...nasty, disrespectful, one a member of P411 so I guess maybe he thinks that gives him the right to speak the way he did.. I have no idea, but this is just awful now😥

Hopefully the real Switter clients will rise to the top. I am very kind, real and sweet but not when treated like this.

Are these Tryst clients also? No thx.

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