I’m thinking $100/week for key holding services. $20/minute for chat w/cam for domination services. And I won’t express this losers identity. Sounds reasonable for an opening contract

Thank you for all the favorites, boosts, and follow's! I love you all and I appreciate the support!

sooooo, Minneapolis! who wants to fuck me? or maybe you'd like to worship my feet? How about you worship my ass while my partner Ms Morgana destroys yours with her horse cock! We're finalizing plans to come play with you lonely bitches so message me now to book your spot. I have a few openings left and they'll be filled soon

I'm going to purchase the domain name for my 🤩 website🤩 today! I have an 💎exclusive💎 auction coming up for anyone who has an interest in the bizarre 💋

✳️ Auction runs Dec. 1-31
✳️ Entry fee is $500
✳️ Bidding starts at $1,000

I get to work with one of my idols later this month! I am beyond excited and I'm going to be all star struck! I'll probly make a total ass of myself lol. But I don't care! I'm excited to meet and work with Her!

🎶 chestnuts roasting over an open fire🎶

had a fun time with my slave last night!

I have a long day of editing ahead of me so I sent my slave out to get some candy corn! I'm going to make her eat herself sick and we're filming a rainbow scene! Be sure to check my pornhub @WildCarma to see all my haloween fun. Let me know if you want any custom vids from this spooky night!

it's been a slow day. the fish are eating the bait but not grabbing the hook! What's a girl got to do to get a decent caller on the line?

In the coming weeks I'm going to get my ass in proper shape. I have the body I've been dreaming of, now it's time to get the booty that goes with it! join me and watch me sweat and groan and turn my jelly roles into tight curves! you can even buy my dirty workout clothes or send me cute outfits to wear and I'll send them back to you with a video of me working out in them!


I simply have to get out of bed and start getting ready! I'm wasting all this valuable shooting time! but I'm so lazy and boys keep calling to listen to me masturbate! What's a girl to do!?

available in Denver, Co
Wickedly erotic and seductively sadistic, Carma's charm and charisma are matched only by her elegance and grace. To the most sophisticated of gentlemen, she offers a one-of-a-kind experience. whether it be a night on the red carpet as a piece of glittering arm candy or an insatiable, sex-starved coquette on her knees at a snow party, this premier companion will bring your fantasies to life.

good morning y'all! hope everyone is waking up to a beautiful day! it's cold and gross here in the mile high city. The snow is falling and im hiding inside uploading videos to my pornhub! check me out @WildCarma or come over and keep me company!

interesting question! I'm verified on porn hub, private delights and the erotic lineup. I have customer and provider references on those sites. Is there something like that on this site? How do I go about getting references on here? Is anyone interested in working together so I can spread my realness? also...I didn't think realness was a word lol

I promise to be the dirtiest, the nastiest, the kinkiest experience of your life. book a session with me and see why they call me Wild

I love the taste and smell of my pussy :vagina: it lasts on my lips so much longer than my ass :butt_plug:

it's cold and lonely outside. But My sumbissive just got back in town
I think I need a foot rub

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