Screening is essential, most of us agree on that. So is using a protected email account that does not include background analytics that learns things about providers and hobbyists. I won't send screening info to providers if their email is on Google or Yahoo. Protonmail is my email of choice for hobbying communications.

Thanks @ChristinaR1 !! And like I said in another toot, you are da bomb!! Every hobbyist should sign up for your Snapchat!!

@Chemistry is upgrading to plus worth it? and thank you, i really appreciate the snap love!!!!!

Not for a personal account, in my opinion @ChristinaR1 the basic protonmail has all the protections necessary. Think of plus as a way to help support them 😘😘😘

@ChristinaR1 Here are all the plans spelled out in detail so you can make an informed decision. I have Proton ✉️ + and I ❤️it.

@Chemistry I know that ProtonMail is awesome. But I think anything you send to a gmail from your account is still encrypted and safe. And screening is going to require you to divulge indentifying info anyways. The protection is really in the discussion. Making sure that we aren’t planning explicit stuff that would be illegal because those things are bad! :) But I applaud you for your safety for sure! - L

Gmail is not what many consider privaye. Google is not necessarily nefarious, but they scrape as much as they can to understand their users and they sell data to their customers @LondonPaige We are just data sources that use their email free of charge. Gmail is expensive to run and needs to generate revenue for Google somehow. Screening info is personal and I want it protected. So I choose to work with providers that use protected email designed for optimal privacy.

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