Hi sweethearts! Come calm your holiday nerves with me this week! Let’s play! charliecherish.me

Come see me cuties
Today - 12-2:15
Friday 9:30a-2:15pm
Let’s traverse the slippery erotic plane.

Hey Sexies!
I’m running a discount on sessions Wednesday 12/4 through Wednesday December 11th. $50 off 1hr or 90 minute sessions. Discounts apply to fbsm sessions only. Come see me for some pre-holiday cheer sweeties ❤️❤️❤️😊😘👌🔥

Repeat Clients! My Courtesan rates have been adjusted to the Tucson market average. I'm hoping to get to know alot of you even better now xxx.

Hurry come see me sexy friends, take a load off before the holidays 🤗😉 www.charliecherish.me

You can’t tell me turtlenecks aren’t sexy ((I mean you can but I’m not listening.))
grab me for a hike or library date, or some sweet relieving bodywork before the weekend arrives! Reach out to screen + book now! 504-three one five 2369 🦋✨⚡️🌟💫

I have some openings on 11/14 10:45a-2:15p and 11/15 (thurs and fri 🔥) from 9:15a-2:15p
I would love to connect and let the wet, dank and alluring musk of my womanly soul take you to other worlds.
Cum let’s break the imagined barriers of your erotic imagination.
for the brave of heart only.
Reach out soon for screening and swooning and booking 504-315-2369

Tomorrow-Tuesday 11/12 through Friday 11/15 9:15a-2:15 I’m flexible! Open like a flower for you! Book and come on down sweeties! www.charliecherish.me

Openings through out the morning and early afternoon today, let’s make light of this rainy day 504-315-two three 6 nine 🥰🥰🥰😗😗

I have a sunday morning opening! Anyone want to slide in and take advantage of my specials? $150 for 1hr fbsm, $425 courtesan reach out soon 504-three one five-2369

I wanna see you Monday thru Friday, on my table surrendering to unadulterated pleasure.
I wanna see you in my inbox, giving me all of your screening info and making a booking days in advance.
I wanna see you at my door with flowers in your hands.
Thank you. I appreciate you. I love you.

Happy Halloween! Happy Scorpio Season! Come play with me and my dark, warm heart! 504-315-two three 69 for bookings

I look so good post orgasm 😊😇 Thanks R. My loves, get at me! Special this week! Fbsm only $150/hr courtesan session only $450/hr! Bring your love to me.

im doing a SALE!
I’m trying to move and I need to stack some bills do I want to see like 5 clients a day for the next three weeks😍❤️🙏take $50 off any fbsm session and $75 off fs from 10/30-11/6 one week only! Come get some, cuties! Charliecherish.me

Come + Surrender openings monday-friday I love to love to love ya. 504-three one five 2369

Do you like big butts???
You Can't fucking lie ok???
Come tell me this week boys and girls and gender all stars!
504-three one five-2369

Hi There
This week- Tues- 9:30a-12p
Wed-Fri- 9:30am-2pm
Come see me sweeties.
Full Body Sensual Healing session- $200/hr
Advanced level companion session for returning clients- $500/hr
504-315-two three 69

Hello switter family!
Due to a recent change in my family life I am currently only taking advance bookings. No same day bookings. I always enjoy it when you think of me...from here on out please think of me ahead of time 💜👏💦💦🙏

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