Midlands, England Coventry. Can accommodate. 80 quid. Message me Daddy πŸ˜‹

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Hey folks, we had to upgrade the database server because of load but we ran into a few issues during the process and we'll be monitoring it closely over the next few hours.

If you haven't, you can follow our Twitter account which will post information about outages twitter.com/@SwitterSocial

Happy New year Fellow Sexy Workers. Good hunting 😘

Anyone here in the UK and in the the Midlands area? Want someone to take cake of you? Make you cum? Want to fuck me? Then email me at WildCat83@protonmail.com PS: I do not accommodate alas so it has to all be outcall.

Hey boys, girls and non-binary come hither, I can please you, and bring your wallets 😘

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Please stop trying to tell me what to do with my body. I will shave/not shave what I want, I'll cut/grow what I want, I'll change/keep what i want the same, etc. Your comments trying to tell me what to do are not welcome.

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MK-ULTRA Little Diamond
@MKULTRA@friends.nico is a homophobe, a Nazi and slut shamer, and no doubt a massive closet. Block him. This is meant to be safe area for Sex workers, or it should be x

I can give you the sex, attention and love you need x

34 year old pretty boy that is eager to please.

Β£80.00 an hour

Location: Coventry UK
Contact: WildCat1983@protonmail.com

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We couldn't have done it without you! Thank you: @CityofVancouver@twitter.com for funding our project; @divesin@twitter.com for partnering with us; @OpusArtSupplies@twitter.com for their generous donation; all the folks who donated cameras; InterUrban Art Gallery; and, most importantly, the participants.

Looking for Clients: Midlands, England, UK


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